5 Times You Should Put Your Phone Away and Focus on What You're Doing ...


5 Times  You Should Put Your Phone Away and Focus on What You're Doing ...
5 Times  You Should Put Your Phone Away and Focus on What You're Doing ...

Hey, listen, I get it, it’s 2018 and the technology that we all have just in our back pockets in the form of our smartphones is beyond anything that any of us could have imagined twenty years ago! More and more of our lives are spent looking at our phones rather than looking at the real world, and while I’m not going to be one of those fuddy-duddies who tells you that we need to go back to the olden days, there’s no denying that society might be a little better off if we laid down some ground rules. Here are five times when you should put your phone away and focus on what you’re doing.

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Ideally, mealtimes should be a time for reconnecting with family or housemates after a busy day. If you are sat at the dinner table scrolling through your phone, you are committing the double sin of not paying attention to the words of the people around you, and also not paying attention to the food that you are eating!


Loud Headphones on Public Transport

Most of us use our phones as music players now too, but you cross the line from personal to offensive when you play your tunes so loud that everyone on the bus or the train can hear your playlist too. Be respectful and keep the volume low, and even better, stop it altogether when the time comes to move about because if you are distracted on public transport, a hell of a lot can go wrong!


When You Should Be Listening

There is nothing worse than asking to have a word with someone in private, and they proceed to look and play with their phone for the entire time that you are trying to talk. When somebody asks for your attention, you should give it to them 100%. You can always go back to your phone afterward but have the common decency to pay attention to people.



Do you know how many people I have seen walk into telephone poles and lampposts because they were too busy looking down at their phones to even be able to walk properly? It’s pretty straightforward, don’t you think? When you are travelling on foot in an area with lots of different hazards, you need to have your eyes in front, not down!


Social Events

It one of the most annoying things in the world when you ask a few friends round for some fun hang out time, and they proceed to spend the entire evening looking at their phones, keeping up with all of their social media. When you are more interested in online social media than the actual quality of your real social life in the moment, then you know there is a problem. Connect with people in real life instead. It’s more fun.

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