17 Signs You're a Technology Addict ...


17 Signs You're a Technology Addict ...
17 Signs You're a Technology Addict ...

When you recognize the signs you’re a technology addict there’s no denying you’re hooked on gadgetry, electronics and gizmos. And this isn’t just being “lost” without your phone or being more than mildly irritated if your ISP is having some down time. Let’s whizz through some signs you’re a technology addict and then you can tell me how bad you got it.

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Did You Throw a Tantrum when You Thought Your Phone Was Broken?

Maybe this is one of those things you need to see in the flesh to understand, but one of the big signs you're a technology addict is when you “think” your phone is broken and you throw the biggest tantrum of all time. It happens all around the country. Even now, there is probably someone shouting down the house about how their life is ruined because their phone won’t start up even though it has a full battery.


Do You Look at Your Phone as Soon as You Get up?

If you look at it before you even go to the toilet in the morning, then you may have a bit of a problem. If your phone beeped during the night, could you wait until morning to look at it? Most technology addicts are going to say no, but what is really so important that you cannot answer it in the morning. If it were an emergency, then they would ring you. In addition, if you wait until morning, then it gives you something to look forward to.


Do You Spend More than Four Hours per Day on the Internet?

Are you spending more than four hours per day on the Internet that is not work related? This means you are probably a technology addict. The only exceptions are if you are watching TV or movies or playing games online. If you spend more than four hours per day on Facebook, or other websites, then you are a technology addict. It means you are spending around 1460 hours per year on the Internet. In that time, if you were working for just $7 per hour, you could have earned $10,220 extra per year.


Have You Experienced Genuine Panic over Losing Your Phone?

This does not include when you drop it down the back of the seat at a concert or in the cinema. This is when you have lost your phone in your house, and you feel a sudden rush of genuine panic. If that is what happens to you, then you are probably a technology addict. It is one of the signs you're a technology addict because it elicits a primal and instinctive emotion for something as simple as losing your phone. If you had lost your baby, or your arm, then it may be acceptable, but not for a phone.


Could You Come off Social Media for a Full Month?

If you cannot come off Facebook for at least a month, then you are in real trouble. What did you do before it even existed? You may give excuses, such as how your friends think you are ignoring them, but it is a poor excuse. There are plenty of other ways you can contact your friends.


Have You Found Yourself Waiting for Text Messages when You Aren’t Expecting Any?

In other words, do you check your phone all time just in case you got a message but didn’t hear the beep? You know if you are one of those people that check their phone all the time.


Have You Ignored a Service/product Because It Doesn’t Have an App?

This is where you hear about a product or service you can get online, and then you haven’t bothered to use it because they don’t have an app. Do you favor services that have apps? If the service you want doesn’t have an app, do you search around with different companies to try and find one that has an app?


Do You Post Something before Telling Your Friends?

This is a scary one, and young women are the worst for it. They find something out or think up something interesting and tweet it before telling their friends even if they are in the same room? Have you ever received a tweet from someone that is in the same room as you? That person is probably a technology addict.


Are You Viciously Protective of Your Tech Because You Think Others Will Break It?

It is fair enough if you don’t let kids play with your stuff, but your friends or family should be allowed to use your technology without any concern from you. If you become viciously protective over your tech, especially if it means hiding it when you are out, or password protecting it in your home, then it is another of the signs you're a technology addict.


Have You Missed a Train or Bus Because You Were Too Interested in Your Phone?

You know if you have done this one! Ask your friends because at least one of them will have done it.


How Angry Did You Get the Last Time Your Internet Was Slow?

Being frustrated because you want to find out something important and it is taking a long time to load, such as finding out if you have been paid because you want to pay your bills, is possibly okay. But, if you are getting angry or frustrated on a regular occasion because your Internet is less-than-instant, then take heed.


Have You Pushed through the Pain of Thumb Ache Because You Were Gaming?

This is partially forgivable on some occasions. If you have waited for months for a game to come out and have then spent the weekend playing it, then you can be let off. But, if you are going to go home tonight and push through the pain of thumb ache or hand cramp because you want to play your games, then it may be time to take a break from gaming.


Have You Pressed Refresh on Your Email More than Three Times This Week?

There are some people that check their phone all the time because they want to know if they have messages, and they are no different from the people that sit on their computer or mobile device and keep pressing refresh on their email browser to see if they have a message yet. It is possibly forgivable if you are emailing someone back and forth and you are waiting for their reply, but any other situation beyond that is a sign you are a tech addict.


Can You Leave the House with an Almost-flat Phone Battery?

You know that if you leave the house with an almost flat battery that you can keep your phone off and check it three or four times for messages whilst you are out. If this possibility is not an option for you, if you have to have more than 10% battery life, then you may have a tech addiction.


Have You Complained Because an Area Has a No-phone Policy?

Maybe you haven’t marched up to a library assistant and complained, but have you complained about a no-phone policy in a bar or café? Or, have you vowed never to go back to a place because they have a no-phone policy?


Can You Go to Dinner Table without Your Phone?

If you are not the person that cannot go to the dinner table without your phone, then you know at least one person that cannot. There are some people where you see their phone more than their fork.


Do You Turn Your Phone off at a Petrol Station like You Are Supposed to?

Do you do it at a petrol station or at a hospital? There are even tech addicts that will not turn off their technology when a plane is taking off or landing. They justify it as there only being a 1 out of 100 chance of it affecting the airplane equipment, and yet they still take the risk.

There you have it. Time to own up. How many of these signs can you confess to? Are you mildly addicted or are you a full-blown technology addict?

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i am guilty of some of the reasons, not all of them thank god!

Guilty of Every one of them

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