7 of the Best Travel Apps for Your Summer Vacay ...


Whether you plan to drive, boat or fly, there are loads of travel apps that can give you the most memorable vacation ever. From finding fun things to do along the way, the best hotel or car rental place when you arrive, or saving money on tourist attractions, you are going to love having these apps along for the ride.

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Expedia play.google.com
Like the website, this app allows you to find and book hotels anywhere in the world. If you decide to stop somewhere and need an affordable room, you can see what’s available and choose from all of your options based on the amenities and things that you want and need.



Hipmunk itunes.apple.com
If you need flight and hotel, this is the app for you. Download it to your smartphone and you can find traditional and non-traditional hotel options as well as seeing what flights are available for booking to your destination. This app is perfect for people traveling on a budget and who might want lodging that is different than your standard hotel.


City Guides, Offline Maps

City Guides, Offline Maps itunes.apple.com
Once you arrive at your destination, you are going to want this app on your home screen. It will help you put together an itinerary so that you can see and do all the things you want while you are on vacation. From museums to festivals, you’ll find something fun to do in any location you visit. The app also has loads of restaurant suggestions so you can have some great culinary experiences too.


Gate Guru

Gate Guru itunes.apple.com
Got a long layover? This app will make it a million times better. You can see where to eat and what to do in the airport while you wait for your connecting flight. No matter what major airport you find yourself in, you’ll find a comprehensive services guide so you can keep yourself busy and happy even in a boring situation.


Gogo Bot

Gogo Bot itunes.apple.com
This app is ideal if you’re looking for specific types of activities at your destination. For example, if you want something for your kids or you need to create a shopping agenda, you’ll get all the best of the best on this app. You can save the ones you don’t want to miss to an itinerary so you have time to pack it all in before you go home.


Packing Pro

Packing Pro itunes.apple.com
If you’re someone who worries that you’ll forget something important while you’re on vacay, this app will save you. It allows you to make a list of what you need and check them off as you pack them. The app also gives you suggestions of items you may need so that you are sure to get everything. The app is perfect for moms who need to pack for more than one person or for someone who always forgets something.



TripIt itunes.apple.com
This app is perfect for organizing all of your travel plans into one easy place. You can get all your confirmation details forwarded to you and get a detailed itinerary for each stop you’ll be visiting on your vacay. Detailed minded and super organized people are going to love this app.

Where are you headed for vacay? Which of these apps do you think is going to make your trip easier?

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