The Best Apps to Train Your Brain ...

By Neecey

The Best Apps to Train Your Brain  ...

The scientific community is still evaluating the benefits of brain training. It is generally agreed that there are benefits and that brain training can help with improving cognitive skills and memory. I am of the opinion that simply, your brain needs to be exercised like any other part of your body. If you aren’t using and challenging your brain it can become lazy. So whether you want to get a better memory or just want to stay sharp, here are some apps to try:

1 Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer There are over 360 puzzles and games on this app you can try in order to train your brain to think a little more quickly. There are plenty of gaming levels where you can increase the level of difficulty to your liking.

2 Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer This app takes you through a series of exercises that help you remember things from phone numbers to tasks you need to complete. The exercises help you recall information more easily.

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3 Happify

Happify With this app, you may push the unhappy thoughts out of your head by replacing them with happy thoughts. There are quizzes, polls and a controversial gratitude journal.

4 Eidetic

Eidetic This app helps you train your brain with spaced repetition. With it, you will learn a technique that allows you to quickly memorize phone numbers, names and your friend’s birthdays.

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5 Lumosity

Lumosity If you want to improve your memory, flexibility of thinking, processing speed, attention or problem solving skills, then try the games on the Lumosity App.

6 Personal Zen

Personal Zen This app will help you maintain a calm state of mind. It will help you relax so that your brain may get a little respite before you challenge it with something new and fresh.

7 Elevate

Elevate This one is a brain-training program designed to improve your focus, your speaking abilities, your mental processing speed, memory, and your math skills. Each user is provided with a personalized training regimen that adjusts over time.

8 Braingle

Braingle Improve your reasoning skills with this app by working through a series of optical illusions and riddles. There are over 15,000 brainteasers and the app is free too.

9 150+ Brain Teasers

150+ Brain Teasers Just like it says, the app has 150+ brainteasers, most of which are text based. They may help keep your brain active and will help you look at things a different way.

10 Mind Games

Mind Games There are a wide variety of tools on this app that help you train different cognitive abilities. They have categories such as face memory, path memory, speed trivia, and many more.

11 Relief Link

Relief Link This is a mood tracker that was first invented to try and lower the number of suicides. It tracks your mood, and with the data, you are able to train your mind to stay out repetitive low moods.

12 Brain It on

Brain It on One of the fun things about this app is that many of the physics puzzles have more than one answer. There are plenty of different games to keep you occupied.

13 Brain Trainer Special

Brain Trainer Special This is a collection of games you can use to improve your thinking skills with a few simple brain-training exercises.

14 Cognifit Brain Fitness

Cognifit Brain Fitness With this app, you can train your brain on the go, assess your brain, discover your cognitive ability and assess you mental health. There’s personalized training function or you can play single games.

15 BrainHQ

BrainHQ This app comes from Posit Science. It helps improve your thinking speed and your memory. It may even help focus your attention. Some say it reduces your chances of accidents.

16 Positive Activity Jackpot

Positive Activity Jackpot The app uses a behavioral therapy called pleasant event scheduling (PES). People originally (and still do) use the app to build their mental resistance and overcome depression.

17 Brain Dot

Brain Dot The game looks simple, but as it goes on it becomes increasingly more challenging. It forces you to improve over time by improving your cognitive abilities.

Any others you’d recommend?

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Lumosity is a good one

Elevate is pretty good too

But which one is the best? Can't download all of them hey

Some of these look good.

I'm going to train my brain with these really cool apps. Thank you!

Going to try a few. Thanks. 

Thank you.

Elevate... is good ...

Exactly.. And which ones free?

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