Check out These 10 Free Food Games for Android ...


Check out These 10 Free  Food Games for Android ...
Check out These 10 Free  Food Games for Android ...

Want some free food-themed games for Android? These 10 free food games could be the solution to both short and long-term boredom. If you've finished lunch a little early, or are stuck waiting to be called back for an appointment or want something to do on your droll morning commute, the Play Store is chock full of fun games and puzzles. Here are some of the best free food-themed games for Android.

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Cooking Emoji-Food Tycoon by Diced Pixel LLC

The Emoji King demands sustenance! Sustain the Emoji King with 60 different foods that you produce in your own food factory. Your tower grows higher and higher as you power through, supporting the King and his voracious appetite with upgrades to your factory. The game lacks popup ads (a HUGE plus) and you can progress in the game offline - your tower can still earn money even when not hooked up to the web. It's definitely one of my favorite free food-themed games for Android.



Popcorn Evolution Food Clicker from Evolution Games GmBH

Sate your inner Darwin with Popcorn Evolution! Popcorn lives and popcorn evolves in this addictive game that's free to play. Discover 30 forms of sentient popcorn as you act as the goddess of the universe and spur their creation with a click and a drag. You can also dress up your creations in a variety of fashions.



Hello Kitty Food Town from Sanrio Digital

Hello Kitty has yet to let us down and that continues with this restaurant strategy game that is as cute as it is challenging. Hello Kitty and her friends work together to bring food from farm to table. In addition to restaurant management, the game is also packed with bonus quests and special events (such as character birthdays). Some of the manual and less glamorous tasks that come with running a business are included as well, such as keeping equipment clean. Immerse yourself in Hello Kitty's busy little world.



My Ice Cream Maker from Tapps Games

A classic food builder app that contains the simplicity that we've all come to love about these types of games. Build the ice cream cone of your dreams with a plethora of ice cream types and toppings and share them with your friends on Facebook.



Pizza Blast from Cookie Crush Games

Match the toppings and watch your score rise in this colorful puzzle game, with classic match 3 style gameplay. With over 100 levels and lots of unique power-ups, this game is sure to bring you hours and hours of fun.



As you dive into Pizza Blast, you'll find yourself craving for more than just a high score. The game tests your strategic skills as you mix and match various pizza toppings to create explosive combos. As you progress, levels become increasingly challenging, urging you to think on your feet and use those power-ups wisely. Whether you're waiting in line or unwinding after a long day, this game serves as a perfect digital snack. Don’t forget to connect your Google Play Games account to compete with friends or to secure your game progress!


Bakery Story 2 from Storm8 Studios

The sequel to the hit "Bakery Story",
Bakery Story 2 brings new challenges as you play through the life that is running your own bakery. Create recipes and serve them to your friends on Facebook for a boost in game progress. You can visit your friend's bakeries on Facebook as well.



Slide the Shakes from Prettygreat

Make and serve tasty shakes by sliding them to customers. 175 levels and 30 shake recipes will entertain you for a long time. It's harder than it sounds.



Sushi Rush from Yu Studio Inc

This game has a very retro feel to it, owing to its blocky art style. The description of the game itself in the Play Store and prompts us to consider the more important philosophical points in life, such as "Why do you make sushi?" My answer: "Perhaps it is because it is what the world demands. Humankind is hungry, for knowledge, for power, for a light lunch... Is sushi merely food, or does it have many forms? Perhaps is it the life force that sustains all of us, traded between all living things: the currency of life?"



Veggie Wedgie from SOCO Games

These little cartoon veggies may look cute, but they DEFINITELY have attitude! In this game, you are assisted by a dragon to direct a faction of veggies to slay their enemies and achieve greatness. Strategize with and evolve your army in order to reach their maximum potential and send your enemies back to the bog from whence they came.



Word Candy from 3D Game Maker

This sugary sweet game is the modern successor to pen-and-paper word puzzles. Over the course of 1,000 levels, you'll unscramble letters and combine them to make words. Have a gander at the leaderboard and compare scores with other players.


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