Coding is the Skill to Have the Ins and Outs You Need Are Right Here ...


Coding is the Skill to Have the Ins and Outs You Need Are Right Here ...
Coding is the Skill to Have the Ins and Outs You Need Are Right Here ...

Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Let's disabuse ourselves of the notion that coding is for techies and geeks. It is a highly desirable skill and it's easier to learn than you might imagine. Learn how to code this year and you never know where it will take you.

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You Can Put Your Math Skills to Good Use

All forms of coding use math. It may not be apparent at first, and there are ways you can lower the amount of math used, but the fact is that coding is heavily involved with math. If you have good math skills, you may be able to learn coding quicker than people that are just okay at math.


You Feel like a God…of Sorts

There is a reason why nerdy 12 year old boys take up programming and become young gurus at it. You discover that you are able to make your computer or computing device do whatever you like. As you progress, you go from making giant penis’s flash up on your friend's work laptop, to programming a way to make your phone detect when you have nodded off in the bath.


It is an Industry Where Women Can Compete Equally

On the negative side, women are viewed as slightly less competent because it is believed men tend to have better math skills. On the other hand, there are so few women in the programming community that employers will fall over themselves to hire them. It's an exciting time for women in IT as more and more females become leaders in high ptrofile tech companies.


It is a Skill You Know Will Still Be Useful in the Future

Computers and computing are going nowhere, so this is not like wasting your time with a degree that will be impinged by its future application and relevance. Even though codes change and evolve over time, your programming skills will not become obsolete so long as you keep learning and evolving with the times.


You Can Learn It in College and on the Internet

Many websites offer free coding lessons and advise. There are online courses you can take, and websites full of information on how to program. There are forums and groups that will help you expand your knowledge, and there are always blogs full of new coding information. You can learn it in college. If you want a coding/programming career, you can do it without a qualification, but it is easier to get your foot in the door if you learn it in college and get a qualification. You can prove your technical prowess with a company without a qualification, and many times you will be tested before you are hired, but a qualification also has the added benefit of you learning the newest coding languages.


It is Perfect for People That like Solving Puzzles

When you get the hang of programming, you soon discover it is like a big puzzle. What is more exciting is that as time goes on and you learn more, you discover more roads to a solution. Then, when you discover you are able to mix some forms of code with others, you start to feel a little more like a god again.


You Get to Take Your Work Home with You

This may sound like a bad thing, but you carry it home with you in your head. There are programmers right now that are jumping out of the bath to grab their phone to write down an idea they had. There are plenty of programmers that nod off at night, only to wake up a few minutes later with a great solution to their current problem.


Job Security

The coding industry is exploding, which means new coders are needed all the time. Because there's so much value in coding, you can be sure that you will always have a job too. There are so many ways to put your coding experience to work so you're sure to find and keep a job you love.


Freedom in the Job Force

If you start your own business as a coder and work freelance, you can make your own schedule. That means you can sleep in and work later in the day. Or you can get up early and have the afternoon to yourself. Of course, there will be times you have to show up, but in general you can set your own schedule and accept the work you want to do.


The Paycheck

Coders get a pretty decent paycheck, which is a great reason to pursue it. Combined with the job security that coding offers, you can create the lifestyle you want. If you freelance, you can set your own competitive prices, allowing you to make what you think your coding is worth without having to haggle over a salary.

In the UK, the BBC is giving away 1 million Microbits to kids to help them to learn code. Perhaps it's time for you to consider learning how to code?

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Princessc7 is right. I've been coding since I was 15 (a VERY long time ago) and now I have a ten year old daughter who loves to code. Codeqcademy is a great source. So is Scratch from MIT. It's a free program to teach kids to code, but is still great for adults who know nothing about coding.


for anybody who wants to try it out, try codeacademy

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