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7 Best Sleeping Apps ...

By Deeceebee

Sleeping apps are growing in popularity with good reason. With today’s modern world being so filled with stimulation of different kinds, it can often be very difficult to get to sleep at night and maintain a healthy, regular sleeping pattern. The more regular your sleeping habits are, the more positive and productive your waking hours are going to be, it’s as simple as that. Although technology and smartphones can often be the leading cause of bad sleeping habits, they can also be a great help when used in the right way. The boost in popularity of various apps to help you sleep is testament to the fact that people are turning to their phones as way to help them sleep, rather than keep them awake! Here’s a list of what we think are the seven best sleeping apps.

1 Pzizz

text, product, purple, font, daytime,This is an app that helps you drift off to sleep much quicker and easier thanks to a combination of voice cues and soothing sounds. The cool thing is that it is programmed never to get repetitive, creating a different soundtrack of sounds every single time you use it at night.

2 F.lux

text, font, technology, screenshot, software,F.lux is an app that adjusts the color of your screen display to suit whatever time of day it is, which means that late at night, it will work to eliminate all of the blue tones that are responsible for keeping you up into the late hours. It’s a way to be much kinder to your mind whilst still having some screen time.

3 Sleep Cycle

yellow, orange, text, font, logo,This is regarded as one of the very best apps out there for helping you to regulate your sleeping cycle. It records patterns of movement and sound throughout the night see when you are in your deep sleep periods, and if you are getting up in the mornings at an appropriate time for your body or not. For example, forcing yourself to wake up when in the middle of a deep phase is one of the worst things you can do.

4 Sleep Genius

blue, text, font, product, logo,This is an app that is designed to train you to get to sleep better using repeated cycles of patterns and rhythmic ambient music. It comes with a cool back story, developed taking the sleeping patterns of astronauts in to account!

5 Sleepo

text, green, font, technology, line,Sleepo is an app that gives you a lot of choice, which is fun. You can select from 32 specially curated ambient sounds from rain to city noise to white noise and light instruments, whatever works for you! It comes with a handy timer function so that you don’t have to leave it running all night.

6 Calm

blue, text, sky, font, azure,This is a great help that will help you to calm down as much as possible before bed time. It will guide you through seven sessions that can be anything from 2 to 20 minutes long depending on your preferences.

7 Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

blue, product, azure, font, product design,Rain is one of the worst things to be caught outside in, but also one of the most therapeutic things to listen to when warm and safe inside your duvet. This app has a huge collection of different natural rain sounds that will sound you off in to a peaceful slumber.

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