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7 Health Apps That Will Help You Track Your Period for Girls Unsure of Aunt Flo's Visits ...

By Jennifer

There are plenty of fun surprises in life, but having shark week sneak up on you is not one of them. If you haven't started using one yet, why not try a health app that tracks your period and warns you when it's getting close (hey, sweetie, maybe don't wear the white capris today!)? Here are a few period tracking apps you might want to try.

1 Spot on

Spot on Price: Free at
This is the shark week tracker I use, and I love it! Just enter your daily period info and it'll predict when you'll be on your period next, and for the months to follow. The more you enter, the more accurate it will be. I love the fun graphic and tidbits of information, too!

2 My Moontime

My Moontime Price: Free at
This period tracker will also tell you when you're least and most fertile, and it's a little more "you're a goddess" than "feeling bloated?" in its tone.

3 Clue

Clue Price: Free at
I really wish they'd have fully leveraged their app name to include some of the themes from the board game, but they didn't. I mean, hello, one of the characters is Miss Scarlett! It's an excellent tracker anyway, but still.

4 Glow

Glow Price: Free at
Glow has a range of apps, including this one, which tracks your period, sure, but it also tracks other lady things, like moods, symptoms, and even medications.

5 My Cycles

My Cycles Price: Free at
This app is very accurate, and I love the graphics, especially the one that tells you how many days til your next period. It's kind of like your own Doomsday Clock.

6 Life

Life Price: Free at
This is the free version of the app, but it works so well you might not need the upgrade (which just tracks more health info, other than your period and fertility).

7 Period Diary

Period Diary Price: Free at
This tracker is geared toward teens, though anyone can use it. You can use the basic period only information, or enter more details to track fertility and PMS, too.

Which one of these period apps do you think you'll try first? Is there an app I left off my list?

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