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Awesome Apps to Try if You're Looking to Make Some Extra Cash ...

By Neecey

The internet is full of advice on how to earn money but few mention apps. Did you know there are apps that can earn you cash? From rebates on purchases to selling your old stuff, apps open up a whole world of putting extra money in your pocket.

1 Foap

Foap is a cool new app, which earns you money by selling photos that you think people will like. For example, people love taking photos of their pets, snazzy cars, and photos of the great outdoors. With this app you may make yourself some money in a quick and fun way. With foap, you can charge as much money as you wish, and you will be amazed at how many people are willing to buy your holiday snaps.

2 Bookscouter

Bookscouter is a great new way to recycle the books you no longer need or want. All you need to do is start clearing your shelves of dusty old books and sell them with this app. Download the app and you can sell your books by scanning the barcodes on the back of your books. The app will even check out how much other people are selling the same books for and you direct where you want payments to be sent.

3 Cash for Laptop

Cash for

Cash For Laptop is a way of selling your old laptop that you do not use anymore. The app is not like Amazon or eBay, it is just for selling electronic devices. All that the app requires is that you add a bit of a description of the laptop and pack it up ready for delivery. Use Paypal to get paid fast (free of charge), plus, you may be paid by check too.

4 Ibotta

This app is great for girls who love to clip coupons. Use the app before going shopping. You answer a question or post something on social media then head to the store to pick up the items for the day’s rebates. After you check out, hit the redeem button and take a photo of your receipt. When your balance reaches $ you can withdraw it to Paypal.

5 Slidejoy

If you don’t mind having to ignore an ad every time you unlock your android phone, this app is a super-easy way to earn $5-$15 each month. Download the app and it inputs an ad as your screen background. It’s as simple as that.

6 Inbox Dollars


This app pays you to take surveys, play games and browse the internet and rewards you in real cash. Payment is made by check that you receive within 14 days of cashing out once your balance has reached $30. You even get $5 just for trying out the app.

7 Viggle

This app doesn’t pay you in real cash money but the rewards are as good as because they’re gift cards, trips or electronics. Check out the rewards are of real value to you before downloading. You “earn” on Viggle by switching it on when you’re listening to music or watching TV. Each program or song earns points which are then exchanged for the rewards.

8 Ipoll

text, product, font, document, diagram,When you download this app, you get surveys sent to you. For each one you finish, you can earn all kinds of rewards. That includes gift cards, airline miles and subscriptions to magazines. The more you participate, the more you can earn. So easy!

9 Pact

text, font, product, computer icon, logo,If you're trying to get in shape and earn some extra cash, this is the app for you. Each week you make a health related pact, then cash in if you keep it. The more activities you complete, the bigger your weekly payout will be. If you don't keep your pact, you have to pay. Sounds motivating, right?

10 App Trailers

product, advertising, brand, multimedia, gadget,If you love apps, you can make money by helping creators improve theirs. With this app, you can earn money for each 30 second trailer app you watch. You can redeem the money from PayPal or on a gift card. If you upload videos and get people to like them, you can earn even more.

So put that phone to use and earn some money ^_^

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