Great Ways Social Media Makes You a Better Person ...


Great Ways Social Media Makes You a Better Person ...
Great Ways Social Media Makes You a Better Person ...

Let’s think about social media in a positive light by looking at the ways social media makes you a better person. Ever since the rise in popular culture of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the majority of talk and headlines that you hear on the daily focus on all of the bad elements of such services Sure, there are certainly parts of the social media experience that are negative, things like online bullying and the risk of damage to self esteem if you constantly compare your own life to those of others online, but what is often forgotten in this bad press are the many good things that social media has brought to the party. Here are just a few of the many ways that social media makes you a better person.

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It Saves Lives

To put it lightly, social media has the ability to put the entire world into your hands. It provides a platform for people to be able to speak and spread the word about a multitude of different issues, and some of these issues are things that are making people miserable all over the world. It can tackle things like loneliness and depression, not to mention being able to spread the word about things like organ and blood donation. It has the power to save lives from many different angles!


Great Tool

Social media can be a great tool for you to use to spread and enhance your activism and social/political concerns. You can connect with people all over the world almost instantly, opening up your potential audience to millions and allowing you to conduct a campaign that is so much more effective than taking a placard down to your local town hall to protest.


Communication Skills

If you are a shy or nervous person in real life, the world of social media enables you to interact and communicate with millions of people, all with a layer of comfort that you are doing so from the sanctuary of your own home or smartphone. The more confident you become in communication online, the more confident you will eventually become when interacting with people in real life.


Makes You Social!

The key is in the name; social media can really make you social! The nature of the beast is to provide your own commentary on recent news stories and stories in popular culture, as well as providing updates on your own life. No matter what you are doing with your social media platforms, you are adding your own voice to the larger conversation and that in itself is making you more social even though it might not feel like it all the time.


Connects You with People

The wide reach of social media means that it has the power to connect individuals with similar stories and interests, no matter which corners of the world they reside in. This kind of connection can be vital and essential to people who might feel lonely or ostracised in their own real-life communities. It’s for this reason that places like Twitter have become clubhouses for things like LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter communities.

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