The Surprising New Emojis Coming to Our IPhones ...


The Surprising New Emojis Coming to Our IPhones ...
The Surprising New Emojis Coming to Our IPhones ...

If you own an iPhone, you already have plenty of emojis that you can use at any point in time. Of course, it can never hurt to have more! According to Elite Daily, there will be a new iOs update soon that will give us even more emojis to spam our friends with.

iOS 9.1 is a very important software update. It contains taco and burrito emoji.

β€” Ryan O'Donnell (@ryanodonnell) September 9, 2015

Which ones? Well, there will be a unicorn to use when you're feeling fabulous. There will be a burrito to use when you're hungry for Chipotle. There will even be a middle finger emoji to use when you're angry. There will also be a race car, a turkey, prayer beads, and a lion.

Just don't get too excited yet, because these changes aren't going to be made until later on in the year. What emoji would you like to see on the new update?

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Omg I've been wishing for a middle finger emoji!!!

A butterfly

A normal smiley face because none of them are normal! πŸ˜‚

How 'bout a spider, a shark and a frog, not just a frog face

OMG I need that middle finger icon already lol

Popcorn, cheese, and a confused face emoji/raised eyebrow.

mgwaltney so charming, I would love to be you're friend haha

A giraffe!!!!

Throw up face, vollyball

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