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7 Magical Appsto Use for Those Who Want Their Pics to Look Insta-Perfect ...

By Jennifer

You're always gorgeous, makeup on point, hair shiny... but somehow, your selfies don't always show exactly that. So before you post that snap or send that image, make sure it's perfect with one of these easy apps for making your instagram photos better.

1 Photo Editor by Aviary

image, mobile phone, gadget, document, smartphone, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
This is my favorite photo editing app, and I adore the "Explore" feature!

2 Fotor

text, image, font, document, All, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
This is another smashing photo edit app, with pretty much everything you need to make your selfies (and other images) really shine.

3 B612

pink, blond, photograph, facial expression, image, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
That random filter, though! So much fun to try out! I love this app for summer selfies, and you will too.

4 Poto

text, photomontage, editing, EASY, ,SIMPLE, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
I love the fun stickers and the collage maker in this app... download it and play with it for half an hour... it's kind of addictive!

5 Polarr

atmosphere, multimedia, Simple, and, smart, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
Do you want a photo editing app with a little more gloss and professionalism? Give this one a go! It's so sleek!

6 Musecam

mobile phone, gadget, image, multimedia, mobile device, On iTunes at:
I sometimes still shoot actual film, and this app recreates that gorgeous matte look with just a few taps. Love!

7 Photobmb

nose, gadget, moustache, ADD, FUN, On iTunes at:
For Android at:
Have you ever wanted to be "accidentally" photobombed by a celeb? Until it happens, use this app to add a random celeb, just for fun.

Which of these apps will you use to be picture-perfect? Or is there another editing app you'd recommend?

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