Ultimate Selfie Secrets from the Instagram Famous ...

By Holly

Ultimate Selfie Secrets from the Instagram Famous ...

Celebrities know how to take flattering Instagram photos. Of course, they're just like the rest of us, which is why you can steal their tips. Glamour has a list of the best ones right here:

1 Use the Black-and-white Function

Use the Black-and-white Function It'll make the picture look moody.

2 Fluff up Your Hair Beforehand

Fluff up Your Hair Beforehand It'll give your hair a sexy look.

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3 Find the Wind

Find the Wind It'll make you look like you're in a music video.

4 Turn Your Head Slightly

Turn Your Head Slightly It'll get rid of unflattering shadows.

5 Include Members of Your Squad

Include Members of Your Squad It'll make you look fun and social!

What other Instagram tips do you have for all of us ladies?

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