Would You Play Kendall and Kylie's New Game?


Would You Play Kendall and Kylie's New Game?
Would You Play Kendall and Kylie's New Game?

You already know all about Kim Kardashian's famous game that's available on the app store, but did you know that her sisters are joining in on the fun? That's right, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have just launched their new app, which is simply called Kendall and Kylie, and according to Hollywood Life, it's even better than Kim's game! In it, you're able to customize your own character and then begin your career in the fashion and social media world. If you create any cute outfits, you can even share them with the "real" world! Doesn't that sound like fun? Would you try playing this popular new game?

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It's so fun I love it!!

It's the same as the kardashian game but with Kylie and Kendall

It's crazy fun but consumes all my battery power!

I played it,got bored after awhile,clothes are super cute though the graphics are cute too maybe I'll give it another try

I already played with it and it is super fun and entertaining! :)

@Nat I have definitely GONE further in life THAN you at least lol

Im playing it, its fun

It does not work with iphone4

Already am. Big fan of them way better than Kim's!

I will not make those brainless idiots richer than they already are by buying their stupid game

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