9 Hidden Facebook Features All 20-smth Should Know ...


9 Hidden Facebook Features All 20-smth Should Know  ...
9 Hidden Facebook Features All 20-smth Should Know  ...

Despite the fact that you might have been present on Facebook for a while now, you might be surprised to find out that there are actually some hidden features you are not be aware of! Partially we can thank their constant updates for providing us with a fresh wave of add-ons but we can also blame ourselves for not learning all the ins and outs of this social media app. So in case you want to learn a few things to improve the way you get around Facebook, here are a few hidden features you should know about.

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You Can Low Key Unfriend Someone

Do you have a Facebook friend who shares a little bit too much? Or someone who you’ve been secretly dying to unfriend? Facebook provides you with a feature that will allow you to inconspicuously unsubscribe to all the recent updates from the person of your choice. All you have to do is hit the Following button on their page and click Unfollow. With this feature implemented, you will no longer see this person appear on your timeline but will still be able to check up on them if you ever feel like it!


You Can save Posts for Later

Facebook is one of the best places to stumble upon controversial articles, news and updates but it is not always easy to find the same posts if you ever feel like going back to them or just don’t have the time to read right now. However, thankfully there is a secret way of saving posts for viewing later! Just hit the down arrow at the top-right of the post and click Save link. Later on, you’ll be able to find the link in your Saved folder, located in the sidebar on the left. Simple and easy!


You Can Log out of Your Account Remotely

If you ever forget to sign out of your account on someone’s phone or laptop, there is no need to freak out! You can actually log out of your account remotely and ensure your personal online safety with just a few easy steps. Open up Facebook on your computer, hit the down arrow on the top right and select Settings. After that hit Security, followed by Where You’re Logged In. There you can filter out the places in which you are logged in!


You Can Use Dropbox Support to Share Large Files

If you are both a Facebook and a Dropbox user, you can bring two of your favorite services together and share your content through Facebook messenger. Simply tap the More button in Facebook Messenger and use Dropbox as the source of your files. As long as you have both systems installed, there shouldn’t be a problem.


You Can Play Games in Your Chats

If your conversation on messenger is getting a little stale, you can add a little bit of interactive entertainment to the mix by starting a game of chess, soccer or basketball. For chess, just type @fbchess as your message and a chess board will appear for your opponent to make the first move. As for the two latter games, type in the appropriate emoji and tap on the icon once the message is sent!


You Can Still Poke People

Remember those good old times, when you could flirt and/or bother people with pokes through Facebook? Those days are not over! You can still poke your friends but the process is just a little more low-key. This time around to poke someone, click on the ellipses on their page and select Poke!


You Can Take a Look at Messages Fb Has Been Hiding from You

You might be surprised to find out that there are plenty of messages people have sent you that you haven’t even gotten the chance to see. Facebook actually filtered these messages into a hidden folder that’s pretty much there for spam. However oftentimes you can find messages from lost friends with whom you are just not officially friends on Facebook! To check them out, click on the Messages button and then Message Requests > See filtered requests.


You Can Switch up the Facebook Language

If you feel like you might be a little rusty on a certain language and would like to brush things up, switch up the language of the Facebook app! It might be a little bit difficult to adjust to at first but it can definitely help you sharpen your foreign language skills. To get things started, go to Settings > Language > Edit.


You Can See Your Full Facebook Relationship History

If you’re a little bit sentimental and love to go through old posts and pictures, you’ll probably appreciate this relationship memory lane feature. If both you and your bae are Facebook official, you’ll be able to see all of the shared content you’ve accumulated over the years by going to facebook.com/us.

And there you go, a list of most hidden Facebook features to ensure high quality user interaction! Which of these features do you find the most helpful?

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