If You Want to Lose Weight These Are the Food Journal Apps You Need Asap ...


Food journaling is a great aid to weight loss and also for helping to identify food issues such as intolerances and allergies. Apps have made it a lot easier because you don’t have to carry a journal and pen with you everywhere. Here are some of the best food journal apps around right now:

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This app is based on the principle that keeping a food journal doubles your chances of weight loss because it keeps your food intake at the forefront of your mind. You can quickly log your intake and your recipes so you can repeat meals without having to repeat your data input. It is a free app that is easy and fast to use. You can log your calories so you can see how many you take in every day.


Weight Watchers Mobile


There are plenty of functions on the weight watchers apps, and one of them is a food journal where you list what you have eaten and use their charts to see the respective calorie counts. They give you guides as to how much you are supposed to be eating to help you start losing weight. Weight Watchers uses a points system which is integrated into the Smartphone app. There are subscriptions you can purchase so you can use your Weight Watchers software on tablets, Smartphones and desktop computers.


Shroomies Nutrition Menu


This is not a very complex or highly developed app. It is an app created by independents and not by a larger company. That means that it is fairly basic, which is both its biggest benefit and biggest flaw. It makes loading and using the app very easy, but also means it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that other apps have. It does however have a rather large nutritional information database.




This is a popular app that many people like because you can scan barcodes on food and have the calories entered into the app. For example, if you fancy a few free-range chicken kievs, you can scan the barcode and enter it into your intake without ever having to write it into your phone.


Lose It


This is both a food and activity tracker. See how much you are putting into your body and allow the app to estimate how much you burn off by tracking how much activity you do. There are plenty of graphics, tables and charts that allow you to visually see how well you are doing. It is fairly easy to use, but is more for a person that likes to see visual representations of how much weight is lost.

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Spark People Diet and Food Tracker


This is an app that is part of a network of websites that are dedicated to helping you lose weight. Within the network, you may keep a food journal to see how much you are taking in every day. They offer little incentives such as graphical trophies, and you can track things such as your weight and your activity and workouts. They do ask that you sign up first before they allow you to download.


My Net Diary


This is one of the more popular food journal apps. It has over 670,000 foods on the database, listed with their nutritional value. It makes it easy to plan and track your intake, and on average people lose around 1.4lb per week. It is popular because it takes very little time to use. Most of the information is already on the app, and entering your data is so simple that it is very quick once you are used to using it. There is also a community that is supported by a dietician.

Have you had weight loss success aided by food journaling? Please share your stories, we’d love to hear them. Did you use an app or a paper journal?

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Pump up is a great one I've been using for ever

Calorie count is another good one. :)

Love Lose It! Lost 70 lbs on it 5 years ago

"Pump up" helped me stay committed to staying active 😄

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