5. Closet+

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Free on iOS

Closet+ calls itself "the Swiss army knife of style assistants," and it really is just that. The versatile app makes it easy to not only upload all of your clothes, but also to categorize them and sort them into lists. Packing goes much faster when you can plan out different outfits on your phone, and make sure you have everything you need for seven days in Prague.

You can tag clothes for different categories, making it easier to keep track of what's dirty, what's at the dry cleaner, and the dressiness level of various articles of clothing. This way, you won't forget that your favorite LBD is dirty and needs to get dry cleaned in time for the office holiday party.

Anyone who lives in a tiny apartment with no closet space to spare knows the importance of switching out your wardrobe from season to season. Clothes for fall and winter, in — clothes for summer, out. Upload your clothes to seasonally labeled closets so you know what to put on your main hangers, and what to store.

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