4. Glamoutfit

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Free on iOS

Before you add clothes to your digital closet on Glamoutfit, take the app's style quiz. This will help to create a "style profile" that other users can reference if and when you ask them to help you put together a look.

When you do go to upload clothes, you can take pictures of each item in your closet or, go the easier route, and import photos from the websites where you bought each item. So, if most of your clothes are from Madewell or Zara, you can just go to those sites and add what you've bought to the app.

Not sure what to wear as the weather cools down? Press the "Style Me" button to have friends or other app users sort through your closet to assemble an outfit. You can add details about what kind of look you're going for, and whether or not it needs to be work-appropriate.

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