The New Instagram App That'll Make You Feel like a Star ...

By Holly

The New Instagram App That'll Make You Feel like a Star ...

There's a new app on the market, called Being, that is causing a little bit of controversy. Some people are calling this new app creative, and others are calling it just plain creepy.

What does it do? Well, according to Tech Crunch, it lets you type in your favorite celebrity's name (or your crush's name) and see Instagram through their eyes. As long as their profile isn't set to private, you'll be able to look at their feed in the same way they would if they turned on their phone.

That means you can feel like a star! Unless, of course, it makes you feel more like a creeper.

Do you think this app is an awesome idea, or that it crosses the line?

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Definitely crosses the line. Too creepy

Its cool but it totally crosses the line. Nobody wants to feel like a hacker or stalker...

Really ? I think this seems cool lol

Interesting app

I think even though celebrities know what their getting into sometimes we need to give them some space to live normally. Even though I love rags and celebrity reality shows(LAME)I just feel like enough to is enough.


crosses the line 😑😑

A little creepy and then interesting too

Nah. This is plain creepy

I guarantee the ones who say it's creepy or over the line will love the ones doing it. It's just how people are.



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