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11 Instagram Accounts for Awesome Travel Photographs You Have to See ...

By Neecey

As much as I don’t want to distract you from the wonderful travel photographs we have in the AWS travel section, I know there’s room in your life for more. Who could ever suffer an overdose of glorious pictures taken around the world? If you’ve got time to relax and browse, here are 11 Instagram accounts for awesome travel photos.

1 @ourwildabandon

@ourwildabandonThese two have traveled around the world a little bit, so there is a chance they have been to the country you are planning on going to. Take a sneaky peek at their feed before you get on your plane. It is a great place to start if you are looking for Instagram accounts for travel photographs.

2 @Maurice

@MauriceHe is a Hong Kong Instagrammer and he takes some really excellent landscape and larger-than-life shots. Some of his stuff is really beautiful and worth a look if you are thinking about traveling to Asia.

3 @everydaymumbai

This guy’s feed is called Every Day Mumbai, and gives a catalog of people in India. It is very similar to the Faces of New York concept, except that he travels around getting images of people in their natural settings. You get to see the settings and the places that he has visited, and seeing the people helps you to get a flavor of what he sees and experiences when he is on his travels.

4 @freerishad

@freerishadRishad does a lot of street photography, and it is fun to see some of his shots, though he is not above a fantastic landscape or hidden gem in a forest. He is the type of person that jumps to his camera or phone camera at a moment’s notice because he knows he could be seconds away from a great shot.

5 @samhorine

@samhorineSam is great for exploring places that you do not often see in travel photography. Forget the White Cliffs of Dover, or the Washington Monument. He shows you the back alleys and forgotten crevices of this world. It certainly helps you see the world for what it really looks like.

6 @Legalnomads

She is slowly working her way around the world and trying to see as many countries as she can before running out of money. It is good to see her broad range and her non-typical shots are worth a few moments of your time.

7 @finn

This is a guy that has won awards for his travel photography. He has ventured to places that others fear to tread. He must have a lot of money to be able to make it to the places he has been ^_^. The photographs of things such as the Northern Lights are truly spectacular.

8 @bombaybhukkad

This is what some call a Foodstagrammer. It may be a man or woman, as the profile doesn’t really give it away. Here you see the foods and eateries that exist in India and you see the food people eat in great detail. Be wary if you are not used to seeing exotic food because this is nothing like what you will find in your local Indian restaurant at home.

9 @kevinruss

This is a guy that photographs dynamic shots where he can get them. He does it from his iPhone. It is a good place to start looking for Instagram accounts for travel photographs. He doesn’t have a big bunch of selfies, which is a blessing in many respects.

10 @youngadventuress

Liz keeps her camera handy as she travels, and as a result, she has caught, either by design or by accident, some truly fantastic shots. She also photographs the food she eats to help give you a visual taste of the things she has seen, eaten and discovered.

11 @colerise

This guy takes very good landscape shots and has traveled to some very remote places to do it. The next time he goes on his travels you will start seeing more of his great shots. It is worth a look if your previous holidays have consisted of tourist destinations.

When you follow instagrammers who post great travel pics, not only are you seeing beautiful photographs but you’re getting inspiration for your next destination. Do you follow any travel people on Instagram? Tell us who!

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