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8 Best Travel Apps for 2018 ...

By Deeceebee

If you want to know the best travel apps for 2018, read on!

Are you somebody who suffers from regular bouts of wanderlust? Do your feet get itchy for international exploration whenever you spend too much time doing the same thing in the same place every day? If so, then trust me, you are not alone! There are millions of people all over the world who have a passion for travel, and in order to satisfy and accompany this passion, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps for your smartphone that can really help to enhance a travel experience. Here are what we think are some of the best travel apps for 2018.

1 Trover

yellow, text, font, logo, orange,Trover is an app that will feed your hunger for beautiful travel pictures. You can scroll through thousands of user uploaded shots that will give you inspiration for your next adventure. The best part is that all the photos are geotagged, so you will know exactly where to go if one particular image takes your fancy.

2 Skyscanner

aqua, product, font, logo, graphics,Every list of the best travel apps 2018 should include a great flights app. This is the perfect app for a traveller looking for bargains, because it is a hub for all the live prices for flights all over the world. The more often you check in, the more likely you are to pick up an absolute steal.

3 AirBnB

pink, text, font, product, logo,Lots of travelling can add to up to lots of hotel bills over time, so you should save some money by using AirBnB instead. You can stay in real homes with an authentic touch for far less than a hotel, and lots of places are really charming and right in the heart of the action.

A recent report in one of our UK newspapers showed that you can save up to £1.300 ($1700) by booking hotels and flights separately rather than booking a package holiday. This surely means there are even better savings by staying in AirBnB than a hotel and finding a cheap flight.

4 ITranslate

blue, product, font, logo, line,If you like to travel the world but aren’t confident with your foreign language skills, then iTranslate has got you covered. It can translate between 100 different languages has off-line capabilities, website translation, voice mode and verb conjugations. It is not free, but it is one of the most used and favourite translator apps out there and there are great reviews of it on iTunes.

5 Oyster

product, font, logo, circle, brand,Oyster is the app you need to make sure your hotel is suitable before you book. You can look at 360-degree images of hotels all around the world, nothing is left hidden with this user uploaded godsends!

6 Findery

product, water bottle, product, aqua, font,Findery is just like Oyster, but for entire cities rather than hotel rooms. You can take a virtual tour of your prospective city complete with travel notes that have been left by previous visitors.

7 Google Maps

text, product, logo, font, graphic design,Google Maps is something you should always have on your phone, it can be vital if you are out wondering somewhere and suddenly realise that you have lost your bearings!

8 Instagram

text, product, font, magenta, logo,It’s an obvious one but it’s still a great app for travel lovers. Not only can you document your own travels, but you can follow certain hashtags and users to discover some of the more hidden gems in the places that you are planning to visit.

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