5 Best Food and Drink Apps for 2019 ...

If there is one thing that Millennials love more than themselves, it is food and drink! You only need to take a look at all the various culinary hashtags on Instagram to see that us young people often pay more attention to our meals and snacks than many other areas of life, and that is because nothing makes you feel great like a good dinner or a delicious new beverage discovery! To help you have more revelatory moments of your own like these, these are some of the best food and drink apps for 2019.A must-have for foodies.

1. Where Chefs Eat

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If you want to know where all of the best places to dine are in your area, this app is the thing that can help you out. It is a recommendation-based app that isn’t made by just anyone, it is based on the opinions of actual chefs, and I think they know what they are talking about! Don’t waste time on Trip Advisor when you could be using this instead.


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