Best Apps πŸ“± for Those Who Want to Waste Time ⏰⏱ before (or during πŸ˜‹) Class πŸ–‹ ...


Don't you hate when you get to class extra early and have no one to talk to?

Well, with the help of technology, you don't have to sit around feeling awkward.

You can pull out your phone to text your friends, look up gossip on the internet, or play some fun games.

If you haven't downloaded any entertaining apps recently, here are a few that are great time wasters:

1. Cute or Not

Cute or Not

On iTunes:

If you're grumpy about the fact that you had to wake up early for class, this app will change your entire mood.2

It allows you to look at hundreds of adorable pictures of dogs and cats.

When you look through them, you can swipe right if you think the pet is cute and swipe left if you're not impressed by the picture.

You can even upload your own photo of your pet to see how popular they become.

2. Cube Jump

Cube Jump

On iTunes:

This is a mindless game that can become pretty addictive.

All you have to do is tap the screen to make a cube jump from one platform to the other without falling into the black abyss.

Just make sure to turn off your phone's sound, because the game can get pretty loud.


On iTunes:

This game lets you play against other people in the world.

You start out as a small dot on the screen that you're able to move around the board.

Your goal is to eat as many little dots as you can to grow bigger.

You just have to avoid the large dots that can eat you right up and make you lose the game.

4. Unseen


On iTunes:

You don't have to play games on your phone while you're waiting for class to begin.

You can log onto a social media site in order to stay social.

Instead of using your regular sites, like Facebook and Instagram, you can try making an account on Unseen, which is built for students to interact with one another.

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