How Can Social Media Improve Your Life?


We read so much stuff about how social media can wreck relationships and how it can interfere with your productivity and that it’s a drain on your time.

I thought it would make a nice change to talk about the positive side of social media.

So, how can you use social media to improve your life?

1. Get Involved

Quit online channel-hopping and start getting involved by commenting and interacting on digital platforms created by your favorite health and fitness gurus.

Read the aritlces and advice then comment on recipes, products and exercises described on the platforms or recommended by followers, agree or disagree, start discussions and be SOCIAL;3

that's the way to improve your life with social media, not tweeting about your cat's every move!

2. Follow Your Favorites on Instagram

Trainers, fitness gurus, food wizards and favorite athletes can provide you with a constant flow of wellness-fitness information.

As well as getting a behind-the-curtains look into the lives of the super healthy and super fit, you can relate to them as human beings when Instagram shows how they deal with bad hair days or take selfies while tripping over their garbage bags.


They're just like us, so you can be just as fit and healthy as they are!

3. Enter Podcast Heaven

You can improve your life with social media like podcasts that leave your hands free and your mind open for new ideas on fitness and health issues.

Brimming with sound advice and information on a wide range of wellness related and lifestyle issues, podcasts are also entertaining and fun to listen to, and you can do stuff at the same time like treading the pedals of your static exercise bike commuting to work.

4. Sign up for Newsletters

Instead of racing through your favorite blogs to soak up as much information about health and fitness as your brain can take, sign up for the newsletters many bloggers produce.

That way you can get updates on important issues and you'll never miss anything.

Newsletters allow websites and blog sites to go into far greater detail on important issues, making them a valuable resource in your efforts to improve your life with social platforms.

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