7 Apps to Download before a Night out if You Want to Play It Cool ...


7 Apps to Download before a Night out if You Want to Play It Cool ...
7 Apps to Download before a Night out if You Want to Play It Cool ...

Hitting the town with the girls is always a well-deserved treat. With smartphones and apps, this treat is made more fun and also, safer. You can find apps for helping you decide where you’re going to dance the night away, places with the best happy hours, great places to eat, apps for making great memories, and of course apps to make sure you get home safely. I found a selection of apps you can download before your next girls’ night out.

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Fever itunes.apple.com

Do you and your friends often find yourselves all dressed up with no cool place to go? Instead of having to resort to the same boring pubs and clubs, download this app and it will be able to give your suggestions for great venues based on your location. There is even a section that lets you know where all the best deals and offers are happening.



BarChick itunes.apple.com

If you are in the mood to go on a good old fashioned bar crawl, then this app is your new best friend. It can suggest the best bars in town, as well as when to get there for the best atmosphere and what specialty drinks to order that you will absolutely love.



Boppl itunes.apple.com

If you hate queuing or are too hungry to get to your restaurant and then wait for a long time after you have ordered, you can use the Boppl app to find participating restaurants that you can place an order in advance and have your meal pretty much waiting for you by the time you get there!



Companion itunes.apple.com

If you are feeling particularly nervous about walking home alone, then this app allows you to select a companion or companions who can track your progress on their own phone and see that you get home safely.



Uber itunes.apple.com

Don’t take the risk of not being able to flag down a cab in the early hours of the morning, stay in control of your ride home with Uber, the most popular private car hire service in the world right now. Come on guys, it’s 2016, there is absolutely no need for you to be standing out in the street at 2am trying to hail a cab like it’s the 1980s!



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You're obviously going to want to eat while you're out on the town. This app lets you find the perfect place to eat in several cities around the world. The filters let you find just what you want with just a few clicks of your finger. Hungry, anyone?


Night Camera

Night Camera itunes.apple.com

Whether you are out at the club or having a garden party at a friend’s house that goes on long in to the night, it is likely that you are going to be in an environment that has very little bright lighting. Use this app to ensure that any pictures you take come out as well as possible, giving you the chance to capture memorable moments without having to put on an unflattering flash.

This is just a flavor of the type of apps available. The selection is also general. You can find ones especially for certain locations – especially the major cities.

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