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Since technology is such a big part of our lives, it's not surprising that there are perfect apps for a date. Don't worry, because they aren't going to cause you to communicate less and take away your intimate moments. They're just going to make things easier, so that your time together goes smoothly. Here are some of the most useful free apps for a date that you should definitely download:

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Star Chart

Star Chart itunes.apple.com
We've all dreamt of looking up at the stars while snuggled up next to the person we love. What could make that special moment even better? Knowing exactly what you're looking at up in that great big sky. Star Chart is one of the most useful apps for a date, because it tells you what stars and constellations you're looking at. All you have to do is point your phone toward the sky.



ITip itunes.apple.com
You don't want to make a bad impression on a date by ripping off your server. Once the check comes, open up this app to figure out how large of a tip is appropriate to leave. You simply type in the total of your meal, and what percent you want to tip. The phone calculates the price for you, so you don't have to ruin your romantic evening with math problem.



Flywheel itunes.apple.com
This app only works in certain cities, but there are plenty of others just like it. If you have trouble hailing cabs, you can simply request one to come to you. When it does, you can even pay by using your phone.



Opentable itunes.apple.com
You never have to be worried about waiting for a table again! Before you and your date pick a resturant, consult the app to see which places have seating available. You can make reservations, and even earn reward points that will save you cash in the future.



Yplan itunes.apple.com
Just like Flywheel, this is only available for select cities, but there are multiple apps that do the same thing. If you're bored of sitting around, and can't think of any new date ideas, this app will rescue you from monotony. It contains lists of the hottest events in your area, and allows you to book tickets to them.



Podcasts itunes.apple.com
If you're looking for some entertainment, download this app in order to find the best podcasts around. There are plenty of them so you'll be occupied for hours. Instead of watching Netflix again or putting on the radio, you can spend your time searching new podcasts that you'll both love. It's not the most exciting way to spend an evening, but it's certainly enjoyable. You won't regret downloading it.



Fandango itunes.apple.com
Movies are a great idea for a date, especially when so many great films are being released. With this app, you can check the movie times, see how long a film runs, and even buy tickets. If you're headed to a new theater, there's even a map to help you out. This app has everything you could ever need.

Even if you're single, you should check out some of these awesome apps. They're helpful in everyday life, and they're all free, so you shouldn't pass them up. Do you know of any other useful apps that could come in handy on a date?

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