7 Apps πŸ“± to Download before a Night out πŸŒ› if You Want to Play It Cool 😎 ...

Hitting the town with the girls is always a well-deserved treat. With smartphones and apps, this treat is made more fun and also, safer. You can find apps for helping you decide where you’re going to dance the night away, places with the best happy hours, great places to eat, apps for making great memories, and of course apps to make sure you get home safely. I found a selection of apps you can download before your next girls’ night out.

1. Fever

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Do you and your friends often find yourselves all dressed up with no cool place to go? Instead of having to resort to the same boring pubs and clubs, download this app and it will be able to give your suggestions for great venues based on your location. There is even a section that lets you know where all the best deals and offers are happening.

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