7 App Games for Killing Time ...


7 App Games for Killing Time ...
7 App Games for Killing Time ...

You have to be careful with app games for killing time – it’s too easy to become addicted. The games you started playing to kill time become games you want to play all the time. I think you’ll find that with some of the app games for killing time I’m going to tell you about!

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Ant Raid

Ant Raid play.google.com

The end of the world is a recurring theme in either film or video game. Sometimes it is a chain of climatic disasters causing the total destruction of cities, countryside and continents, sometimes it's a virus that gradually transforms the population into zombies while inevitably destroying all life on earth. It’s this second option that applies to a group of ants for whom the date of the Apocalypse has unfortunately been advanced. This is one of the most perfect app games for killing time. It has beautiful graphics and flawless execution, the various characters are charismatic and endearing and it is easy to keep track of the queen and her loyal subjects through the cut scenes presented in a funny cartoon style. The soundtrack perfectly complements the universe.



Tetris play.google.com

Tetris “the new generation” should change your view of the most well known game of handheld gaming history. EA has introduced this new Tetris with several new features. Some are welcome, such as the music and more dynamic game play, and others not so much. The classic endless mode is called Marathon on this app, which alone makes it one of the few perfectly addictive app games for killing time.


Tap the Frog 2 HD

Tap the Frog 2 HD play.google.com

Tap the frog 2 HD looks a little like a children's game even though it isn’t. The classic game “Angry Birds” looks like a children's game until you get past level four, at which point it becomes harder to crack than a titanium cannonball. With Tap the Frog 2, the difficulty curve is aimed more at the younger than the older. Level one starts you off as simple as they come. The little green frog is sat there with the music playing in the background and all you need to do is tap the frog when is turns blue.

On level two all you need to do is to tap the three frogs as many times as possible when the timer tells you to. It’s a tad mindless but a fun way to kill a few minutes.


Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied itunes.apple.com

If you get over the ick factor behind the fact that you are playing an app about two dogs with their tongues tied together, then this game is actually kind of cute. Tongue Tied is the first realization of Mojo Bones studio, and is one of those games that manages to get close to perfection by combining music, graphical design, concept and game play very well. The idea of two tongue tied dogs has been leveraged to give you a projectile weapon. While one uses its tongue as a sling, the other is the projectile that may be used to fetch all the medals which will earn you points. The magic of this game does not end there because as and when you cross levels the difficulty curve rises. Your ability to control the pair will have to improve quickly, otherwise you will not be able to continue. You must use tricks to get to be able to clear the obstacles.


Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit itunes.apple.com

The infamous Duke clockface has stolen all the clocks in the city and the locals have nothing to tell them when to eat or when to stop working. The manner of Duke clockface is pretty special because you are only able to move forward with the tempo of the clocks. The core of the game play lies in keeping with the tempo of the clocks.

Each level is compartmentalized over 4 floors. On each floor there is a clock. To finish a level you must get to the big clock. If you would like to complete a perfect level, then there are four bonuses to collect.


Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot itunes.apple.com

The whole game is absurd. You only need to see the character design to see the absurdity inherent in the game. The characters have a rocket instead of feet and a bazooka instead of arms. The graphics are pretty crummy, but you can waste a few hours on the game if you are bored. The background is entirely made of blocks of pixels and everything is destructible. Imagine walking the World of Minecraft with a rocket launcher and you pretty much have this game. It is not that far away from the Earthworm Jim games, except for that it is not as much fun. Every rocket that hits the scenery explodes into dozens of blocks which is kind of fun, and similar to the worms games. Each level is different and unique.


Jodie Drake and the World in Peril

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril itunes.apple.com

I will sidestep the fact that Jody Drake and the world in peril looks an awful lot like a movie poster for Indiana Jones, and the fact that one of its poster images is of a gold skull which is not that dissimilar from the crystal skull from the most recent Indiana Jones movie. Puzzles and the mini games have the same solutions regardless of which difficulty mode for you choose; this goes for all of them except for the “pairs” mini games. The game is fundamentally about finding lost objects; these being the objects that are listed for you to find. The basis of this is very simple, and is explained fully within the game. If at some point you cannot see the text because it has gone blank then simply restart that part of the game.

App games for killing time are not meant to be cerebral. If you just want some fun for a few minutes, there’s sure to be something on this list to your taste. What are your favorite apps for killing time?

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Farm heroes saga ..

Candy crush

Angry birds, temple run, that one piano game...

Soda candy crush

Good old solitaire does the trick for me!

Temple run!!

Pet Rescue

oohh tap the frog is awesome

Fun Run 2

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