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17 Must-Have Apps for Girls This Fall ...

By Heather

I know that there are a ton of different apps out there for girls, but how can you tell the ones that are worth the download, worth the space? Well girlies, for fall, I picked out my favorites! Check 'em out!

1 Snapguide

SnapguideLove Pinterest but have no idea how to make some of those awesome crafts? That's why SnapGuide is here!

Download at:

2 Toilet Finder

Toilet FinderNever, ever be without a toilet again!

Download at:


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3 MyPill

MyPillYou'll never forget your pill again with this app!

Download at:

4 Grocery Gadget

Grocery GadgetWant to stay organized at the grocery store? I do!

Download at:

5 Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner SpinnerDinner will be so much easier to make and design with this app!

Download at:

6 Square Fx

Square FxEver wonder how those vloggers and famous Instagram folks get their full outfits on there? Well, this is how!

Download at:

7 Tossup

TossupAre you the one always trying to piece together where you and your besties want to go out to? Well, this makes it easier! There is a voting option!

Download at:

8 Periscope

PeriscopeWant to be a TV star? You can with Periscope! Just an FYI, AWS is on Periscope too! :)

Download at:

9 Meerkat

MeerkatMeerkat is another live-streaming app that is so flawless! Give it a try and get some followers! Also – AWS is on here too!

Download at:

10 SnapChat

SnapChatWho doesn't love getting the random Snap at 4 in the morning from your drunk friends? I do!

Download at:

11 Pose

PoseThis is a must-have app for any fashionista looking to share her closet a bit!

Download at:

12 Starbucks

StarbucksWho wouldn't want to pay for their Pumpkin Spice Latte with their Starbucks app?

Download at:

13 Companion

CompanionEveryone wants to feel safe walking home, this app will let you do that!

Download at:

14 Clue

ClueWant to know when your next period is coming? This is the app for you!

Download at:

15 ColorChat by OPI

ColorChat by OPIWant to pass secret messages to you friends? Do it with nailpolish!

Download at:

16 Eve by Glow

Eve by GlowThis app is all about sex – and tracking it, it's perfect for any girl!

Download at:

17 Snapp!

Snapp!This app is a MUST for your girlfriends, family and anyone you network with!

Download at:

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