17 Must-Have Apps for Girls This Fall ...


17 Must-Have Apps for Girls This Fall ...
17 Must-Have Apps for Girls This Fall ...

I know that there are a ton of different apps out there for girls, but how can you tell the ones that are worth the download, worth the space? Well girlies, for fall, I picked out my favorites! Check 'em out!

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Snapguide Love Pinterest but have no idea how to make some of those awesome crafts? That's why SnapGuide is here!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Toilet Finder

Toilet Finder Never, ever be without a toilet again!

Download at: play.google.com



MyPill You'll never forget your pill again with this app!

Download at: play.google.com


Grocery Gadget

Grocery Gadget Want to stay organized at the grocery store? I do!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Dinner will be so much easier to make and design with this app!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Square Fx

Square Fx Ever wonder how those vloggers and famous Instagram folks get their full outfits on there? Well, this is how!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Tossup Are you the one always trying to piece together where you and your besties want to go out to? Well, this makes it easier! There is a voting option!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Periscope Want to be a TV star? You can with Periscope! Just an FYI, AWS is on Periscope too! :)

Download at: play.google.com



Meerkat Meerkat is another live-streaming app that is so flawless! Give it a try and get some followers! Also – AWS is on here too!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



SnapChat Who doesn't love getting the random Snap at 4 in the morning from your drunk friends? I do!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Pose This is a must-have app for any fashionista looking to share her closet a bit!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Starbucks Who wouldn't want to pay for their Pumpkin Spice Latte with their Starbucks app?

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Companion Everyone wants to feel safe walking home, this app will let you do that!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Clue Want to know when your next period is coming? This is the app for you!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


ColorChat by OPI

ColorChat by OPI Want to pass secret messages to you friends? Do it with nailpolish!

Download at: itunes.apple.com


Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow This app is all about sex – and tracking it, it's perfect for any girl!

Download at: itunes.apple.com



Snapp! This app is a MUST for your girlfriends, family and anyone you network with!

Download at: play.google.com

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SO HAPY to see Eve by Glow on this list! I use Glow, but both have the same awesome community. WARNING: it's highly addictive & has basically taken the place over all of my social media! 😉

Great list! But one question: why the heel would you want to track your sex life??

Mypill was a great app, it just needs some fixing again.

Meerkat is frickin creepy.

I've been using clue for about a year now and it's honestly like the most useful thing ever like it sends you a message when you're likely to get pregnant or be on your period and it's great for finding patterns in PMS and whatnot. Also helps track sex and birth control

All women stalk is not on the list, I can't believe it

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