7 Fashionista Apps You've Got to Have if You Love Fashion ...

No matter what type of fashionista you are, you've got to have your fashionista apps to show just how fabulous you are! I would be so lost if I didn't have my Prada, Chanel or VS apps to keep me going! These apps feature all sorts of secrets about the designers and will keep your fashionista side up to date on exactly what's going on with your favorite designers! So, what fashionista apps are out there? What should you have on your phone? Take a look below to find out!

1. Prada

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Prada is one of the key fashionista apps that every fashionista should have! It's truly one of the best apps out there if you really want to take a tour of the designer's home! This particular app will uncover a showcase of Prada accessories as well as some amazing artwork by Haines!

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