9 Free Apps to Simplify Your Life ...

You can’t live without your iPhone for keeping in touch and staying up to date with your social media, but you could really harness its power with some free apps to simplify your life. There are apps for everything so choose some that will tackle the busiest parts of your life, or the whole shebang – whatever you need. Here’s my pick of some free apps to simplify your life.

1. BrightNest

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One of the best apps to simplify your life is BrightNest, which allows you to use your phone to organize every aspect of your home. For busy moms who have enough on their plate to keep track of already, this app really is a godsend. You can use the app to build a schedule (such as a roster for cleaning and washing up duty), reminders for tasks that you need to get done as well as suggestions which the app generates to help you to organize your schedule. The app is currently only available on iPhone, but if you have an iOS device it really is worth it!

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