7 Security Apps to Keep You Safe Whenever Wherever ...


7 Security Apps to Keep You Safe Whenever Wherever ...
7 Security Apps to Keep You Safe Whenever Wherever ...

I imagine that your iPhone is absolutely packed with all manner of useful apps, but do you have any security apps? One of the major benefits of an iPhone is the added sense of safety and the reality of providing you with more security. Even if you live and work or only venture into “safe” areas, you never know when a threat will arise and any one of these security apps can provide you with the emergency links you need.

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WatchMe 911

WatchMe 911 ** On iTunes:** itunes.apple.com

This is one of the best security apps that’s available for the iPhone. The creators encourage you to place this app on the front screen of your phone (or in the app bar at the bottom) so that you can activate it whenever you need to. There are four main features: a panic alarm and flashlight, an automatic 911 emergency dial, a panic mode and a monitor me mode. The panic mode will send SMS messages – along with your GPS location – to a predefined contact in your address book so that they can help you. The monitor me mode is about keeping your loved ones up to date about your location. If you’re a single woman who perhaps lives alone, this is the right app for you.


Circle of 6

Circle of 6 On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

You know a security app for the iPhone is good when the White House has endorsed it! Circle of 6 is an app which sends pre-set messages to a circle of 6 people who you have chosen to in an emergency situation. You can customise the message to contain your location or address, and there is even an option to request that the person calls you as soon as they can. The app was designed with young college students – mainly girls – in mind, but works very well for anyone regardless of age.



Cab4Me On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Available completely free of charge on both iOS and Android systems, Cab4Me is an application which prevents women from getting into anonymous, unregulated cabs and taxis. After a night out the last thing many people want to do is hunt around for a cab, and when they do they often forget to check the license plate. This app will scan the local area for reputable companies and direct you there, so that you can still enjoy your night out while also getting home safely.



Guardly On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

The thing that sets this one above the other apps for personal security is the ability to set specific people to call in specific situations. Examples include “broken down car” for calling your dad, or “being followed” to call the police. You can also store a personal profile in the app, where you can list things such as allergies, contact information and your name so that you can be identified if you fall ill. You do have to pay a subscription fee every month of $1.99 if you want to be able to call 911 directly from the app, but the subscription will give you access to specific location GPS as well.



Hollaback! On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

When you read that over 80% of women have reported being openly harassed in the street, you start to wonder why more women haven’t heard of Hollaback! This is a security app available on Android and iPhone which will take a photo of anyone who you deem to be harassing you, which it then automatically uploads to a harassment website to warn others of this person in the area. Not only will you feel safer, but you’ll be helping other women who might encounter the same men in your nearby location.



Streetsafe On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

With just a few clicks of the power button on your phone, or by tapping the phone’s screen in a certain way, you will trigger certain alerts. Your Facebook account will list your current location so that all of your friends can see it, and SMS and phone messages will be sent to people who you have listed to contact in an emergency. This way you will never be alone: people will always know where you are when you feel in danger.


Life 360 Family Locator

Life 360 Family Locator On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Endorsed by The Wall Street Journal and ABC News, this is one of the best security apps which allows parents to keep track of their family all day, every day. There is an easy to use map which displays images of your family and where they were last registered at. You can use Wi-Fi and GPS to triangulate the location of a loved one, or message them through the app to check that they are ok. Some would say that this app is over the top, but those of us who have visited rough areas know that you can never take your family’s safety too seriously.

I’m sure that one of these apps for personal security will suit you very well. If you haven’t got one, please remedy that – best to be safe – always. And if you use a safety app not listed here, please share it.

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This is so important to have!

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Awesome apps I never thought about before which could potentially be very useful !

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