7 Wonderful Word Game Apps for a Guilt-Free Pastime ...

Being an English teacher, I love words and Iโ€™m always looking for wonderful word game apps for a guilt-free pastime. I can then feel a little less guilty for being distracted by them instead of marking that pile of essays because hey, I'm doing some research for apps my students can download to improve their spelling and expand their vocabulary! Well, that's my excuse anyway. Here are my favourite word game apps for a guilt free pastime.

1. Word Collapse

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I love this game and the soothing classical music that accompanies it. It's an easy and intuitive game which is almost a cross between Tetris and a word-search and has had more than one million downloads so far. Itโ€™s one of my favourite word game apps. Each puzzle contains a number of words on a particular theme such as fruit or my favourite, song lyrics, and all the letters are mixed up. Your task is to find the word and swipe it so that the tiles disappear and let the remaining tiles collapse into place, revealing new words. But the challenge is to remove them in the correct order so that you can complete the level. Quite addictive!

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