7 Amazing Apps for a Teenage Girl to Keep Her Busy ...


7 Amazing Apps for a Teenage Girl to Keep Her Busy ...
7 Amazing Apps for a Teenage Girl to Keep Her Busy ...

Finding apps for a teenage girl is always hard! There are tons of them out there, so how do you pick ones that are appropriate and fun? If you’re a teenager and are looking for apps for a teenage girl that will expand your knowledge or just be fun, take a look below! I’ve come up with 7 amazing apps that no teenage girl should be without!

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Tumblr itunes.apple.com

This is by far one of the top apps for a teenage girl because it’s so addicting! If you’ve ever been on Tumblr.com, you know just how addicting it can be. Why not take that technology and addiction with you everywhere? This app is not just for teenage girls either, I’m 29 and I have it on my phone too! Give it a try, you’ll never be the same!


Hairstyle Lite+

Hairstyle Lite+ itunes.apple.com

Another fantastic app for a teenage girl is all about the hair! This incredible app lets you really choose and pick which hairstyle looks amazing! You have up to 15 free hairstyles in various lengths that you can try on! You can decide what suits your face shape too, which is awesome!


Period plus

Period plus itunes.apple.com

So, have you ever lost track of your period? Have you ever been asked exactly when your last period was and what you felt like? This awesome app actually keeps track of your period, tells you when you are projected to start your next period and you can input your symptoms! How cool is that? I use this all the time! I actually love the way that you can look back and see not just what you experienced, but also how long your period was!


Color Splash

Color Splash itunes.apple.com

If you are a photo-lover like I am, have you ever wondered exactly how to just add color to one thing – and leave the rest black and white? This is the app for you! It’ll just add color to what you want and then it’ll leave everything else black and white! How cool is that? This one is so, so cool for weddings, for birthdays and even just for hanging out with your friends! I love it!



Cupcakes! itunes.apple.com

I think this is actually a kind of fun app to have on your phone, especially if you love to bake. This is an app that will allow you to bake, decorate and ‘eat’ your creations! You actually use real recipes that you can bake in real life, and it’s an app that is just useful and fun! Are you a baker that is just looking for a platform to perform? This is it!



Stickerme itunes.apple.com

Ah, who doesn’t love the stickers? Facebook has them, the AWS app has them, why not have an app that is full of them? This app is fun to play with, it's fun to design stickers and really fun to use all around!



Wrapcam itunes.apple.com

Finally, the last awesome app that we’re going to explore is one that will wrap up your memories, your pictures and create some awesome and super amazing wallpapers! This app is definitely one of my faves!

There you have it! All of the best apps out there! What are some of your favorite apps? Give ‘em up!

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Instagram. Duh? And wanelo, pandora, voxer, and Pinterest!!

Pic collage is a fun app

WANELO is an amazing app my friends and I spend so much time on it...

Tumblr makes me


haha i like the period plus! that is so smart!

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