7 Best Apps for Grocery Shopping That'll Make Life Easier ...


7 Best Apps for Grocery Shopping That'll Make Life Easier ...
7 Best Apps for Grocery Shopping That'll Make Life Easier ...

There's not much your smart phone can't do but what it can is help you with your grocery shopping! How, you ask? Well, with these amazing apps shared by guest contributor Teddy. Thanks Teddy!

Grocery shopping is a chore: we have to face that fact every week when the fridge gets low. Luckily, we live in an age of smart phones, 24/7 internet, and clever programmers who know exactly how to make your life easier. You will never lose your grocery list again, if you use any one of these apps.

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Out of Milk

If you want simplicity, then Out of Milk offers it. Just tap on the group you want and start adding items to your list. By syncing your lists across phones and computers, you can make sure no one buys the same product twice. This app is available free on both iPhone and Android, but there is also a "pro" account that costs $1.99 and comes with some added features.



Much like Out of Milk, OurGroceries allows you to sync across phones, while the simple interface allows a lot of list customization. By making categories, you can separate all the different items you need, too. This app is available for free on both iPhone and Android.



Not just a shopping app, GrocerEaze allows you to list everything in your pantry, offering meal suggestions with a list of needed items. You can add the prices of items into your list to keep on budget, too. Again, GrocerEaze is free, but it's only available on the iPhone without web support.


Grocery Mate

A very simple interface, Grocery Mate allows customization without displaying the amount of information GrocerEaze does. Lists are viewable and editable across devices, and you can even draw up your list on yourlaptopthanks to the web integration. This app is available for free on iPhone and Android.


Grocery Mate's user-friendly design is ideal for individuals who appreciate simplicity and ease when managing their shopping tasks. With real-time synchronization capabilities, families or roommates can share and update their shopping list seamlessly, ensuring everyone knows what's needed. Whether you’re adding items from your cozy kitchen or updating quantities on the go, you won't miss a beat. For those who love planning ahead, the app's ability to store multiple lists means you can organize your purchases for different occasions or stores effortlessly. Users looking for a straightforward yet efficient grocery shopping companion will find Grocery Mate to be a reliable ally.


Grocery Gadget

Grocery Gadget may seem a bit pricy at $4.99, but it has a range of features that puts all the other apps to shame. Coupon integration means you can get the best deals wherever you are, while the app learns the layout of the shop you're in. With the web portal, too, this is a well-designed app for iPhone and Android users as well as Windows Phones, Blackberrys, and Nokias.



The bar code scanner allows you to easily add specific items to your GroceryIQ lists, where you can order them by different stores and even by aisle. Lists can also be synced across devices with this free app. It's available on both iOS and Android.


Food on the Table

This app is more like a meal planner than a grocery app at times. Allowing you to plan your week ahead and buy only those items you need, this can save you money. With links to coupons, too, as well as a huge number of recipes, this app is a great choice for both iPhone and Android users. Unlike other apps, this does not sync between devices, but allows different users to sign into one account at the same time, meaning no multiple sign-ins or the hassle of syncing.

Overall, this range of grocery apps makes grocery shopping that much easier and much less of a hassle. Add coupons to the equation and you can save a lot of money on your shopping bills.

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I love the pushpins grocery app!! You can access weekly sales flyers from all nearby grocers, then just tap items to add to your list. You can also share lists with other people!

I've tried them & find each to have something I like. Out of Milk is the current winner simply because it is most compatible and syncs well between my many devices. I can seem to rid myself of Zip List either. My family likes that because they can all sign into the account via iOS, Android or PC and add to my list before I hit the market.

Shopshop is good too. It actually lets you cross off the items you've already picked up

Grocery iq is the best

Try Mark!t for Android. No online account. Real simple.

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