Social Apps πŸ“± for Young Adults to Download 🌐 if They Want to Stay Connected 🀞🏼 ...


Social networking is constantly evolving, as we've seen going from the first days of MySpace to what we have in Facebook now.

The younger generations are even more ahead of that with their constant social engagement over the phone using some of the hottest apps on the market.

Check out some great interactive apps you can use to always stay connected to friends, celebrities, and all the hot happenings of the world.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is created by Facebook Messenger creators and has all the kids using it- not just for the text feature.

WhatsApp also lets you post updates, send video, share your location and make voice/video calls over the internet.

Since it is completely separate from Facebook you don't need to worry about your stuff overlapping.

A great feature is you can use it on the phone or computer so you'll get even more use out of it!

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is another extremely popular private messaging app for photos and short videos, which are automatically deleted after they've been viewed for a max of 10 seconds for pics and 30 seconds for videos.

A lot of teens find this feature appealing, however, quick fingered people can still screenshot and there is a way to save texts in the chat convos so be careful when using!

An added bonus to this app is the ability to send a receive money.

3. Telegram

Telegram is interesting because it lets you do a lot more than your typical texting app, and it's completely free with zero ads.2

All of your texts and calls are encrypted and you can send absolutely any file type you want (even large ones up to 1.5 GB).

This is totally unique to most messaging apps that just support image and video files.

All your messages are synced across all the supported devices because your messages (and even files) are stored in the cloud.2

However, you can delete texts whenever you wish and even make secret chats that dissolve messages on a timer.

Plus, if you have up to 5,000 friends, you can invite all of them into one single group message!

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