7 Incredible Money Saving Apps to Install Now ...


7 Incredible Money Saving Apps to Install Now ...
7 Incredible Money Saving Apps to Install Now ...

Smartphone apps aren’t just for games, there are actually lots of money saving apps to help you stay on budget. These apps can help you save on frequently purchased items, save you time and hassle from clipping coupons and even earn rewards and cash! I’ve used quite a few of these money saving apps and I love them so I had to share them with you.

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Ibotta itunes.apple.com

Ibotta is one of the newer money saving apps that I’ve recently discovered. This app actually allows you to earn cash when you shop. You simply choose the offers you like from the list, complete a task associated with the product you want to buy such as take a quick poll and then go shopping. Once you purchase the product at one of the many participating retailers, take a picture of your receipt and scan the bar code of the products you bought. Ibotta will verify your purchases and you earn cash through PayPal! It might seem like a lot of work, but imagine the savings you’ll get if you combine this app with coupons and sales. Available for free on iPhone and Android.


Saving Star

Saving Star itunes.apple.com

Another money saving app I’m sure you’ll use is called Saving Star. This app allows you clip e-coupons and they’ll transfer it over to your store loyalty card (at participating stores). The savings you receive will be added to your Saving Star account where you can get paid through a bank transfer, PayPal or Amazon gift card once your savings reach $5. If you shop at one of the participating stores, it’s definitely worth a try. Available for free on iPhone and Android.


Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ itunes.apple.com

Grocery IQ is another money saving app that helps making grocery shopping easier. You create your grocery list through text, barcode or voice. The app will also let you know if there are any coupons available for the items on your list. This is a really helpful app for couples or families who share grocery shopping duties! Available for free on iPhone and Android.


Snip Snap

Snip Snap itunes.apple.com

Don’t you just hate it when you go to the store only to realize that you left your coupons at home?! That’s happened to me one too many times so it was such a relief that an app like Snip Snap exists. This app allows you to take photos of your paper coupons and store and organize them on your smartphone or you can use the coupons on the app itself. Now you’ll never have to worry about missing out on savings. Free on iPhone and Android.


Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy itunes.apple.com

If you consider yourself to be a shop savvy person, then you have to have this app. One thing I love about smartphones is that you can compare prices at different stores. Shop Savvy makes it even easier by showing you the price of the item you want locally and the lowest price online. Now you won’t have to worry about overpaying for an item. Available for free on iPhone and Android.



Zoomingo itunes.apple.com

Are you in need of some retail therapy? Download Zoomingo and shop smart. This money saving app allows you to find the best local deals around. It catalogs all of the sales and deals on everything from apparel to beauty products to home décor. Did something catch your eye but it’s not on sale? No worries, you can set up a sale alert and Zoomingo will let you know when the price drops. Available for free on iPhone and Android.


The Coupons App

The Coupons App itunes.apple.com

Anyone who likes saving money will appreciate The Coupons App. It gives you promo codes, special deals and coupons for your favorite restaurants, stores and even gas stations. All you have to do is look up the item, pull up the coupon on your phone when you check out and save. It’s so convenient and easy that using this app will become part of your regular routine. Available for free on iPhone and Android.

Have you used of any of these money saving apps before? All of these apps are free so it’s certainly worth it to try out one or more of these apps to see if it fits your shopping style. Never worry about missing a sale, forgetting coupons or overpaying for a product again.

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All are just for USA. Is there any app for EU also?

Just wondering if these apps are American specific or work in Canada too??

Do you think better to work in Canada

Any app for us in Asia?

Shopular is a great money-saving app as well! If you forget your newspaper and printed ads frequently, Shopular is a great app for you! It is basically all the ads and such on your cell phone! They can scan the coupon right off your phone!

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