Find Your Zen with These Meditation Apps ...

I think it’s a bit incongruous that finding Zen is meant to take you away from the stress and pressures of modern living, yet you can actually harness the power of technology to help you achieve it. It’s one of those oddities of life you can love, though. Meditation has been around for centuries. Smartphones and tablets haven’t. However, there are meditation apps that bring together the ancient and modern for our benefit. Here’s a few meditation apps to review – maybe the right one for finding your Zen is here.

1. The Mindfulness App

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Available for: iPhone/Android
Price: $2.99/$1.99

This is one of the many meditation apps that gives you guided meditation via your phone or tablet device. You can set it for as little as three minutes for if you have to cool down during a busy task, or you can set it for 30 minutes to have a quick zone out during your lunch break. You can set a reminder for your meditation and you can set reminders that work during your meditation sessions.

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