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Of course there are apps to help you with Christmas shopping. There’s an app for everything! Even if you love buying all your holiday gifts, it can become a chore in terms of planning and deciding what to buy and where, managing your budget and dealing with the crowds. Turn to these apps to help you with Christmas shopping and life is ultimately easier.

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Santa’s Bag

Santa’s Bag itunes.apple.com

If you love to make lists, this is one of the best apps to help you with Christmas shopping. It is a shopping list manager. You get a countdown to Christmas and you can enter your budget. You may then make a note of the amount of gifts you have purchased and the amount of gifts you still have to purchase. You can enter your budget and then see how much you have spent and how much you have left to spend. You can see if you have gone over budget by a certain amount. You can also add in the names and pictures of the people you are buying presents for and add in how many presents you have bought that person and how much you spent on them.



Keep keep.com

This app offers a web-wide multi-store checkout system. Keep allows you to enter your financial details into the system one time only. In that sense, it works on a similar principle to PayPal. Instead of having to enter your details into each website you wish to buy from, you enter it into the Keep system and then checkout your purchases through Keep. This allows you to buy from different stores at the same time with various items in your shopping basket when you send payment through.


The Christmas Gift List

The Christmas Gift List play.google.com

Here you can enter your Christmas lists for all the people you are buying presents for this year. Set a budget for each person and then mark off when you have bought them a suitable present within your pre-defined budget. It is a simple app that has a reasonable amount of features. There is also a new option that lets you note down if you have wrapped the present yet. It is one of the best apps to help you with Christmas shopping.




Make a list on the app and then find out if the cost of the things on your list has gone up or down. You can share and personalize your lists with other people so they know what to get you and maybe know what you are getting other people. The website for the app claims you can save up to 60% on any product. They allow you to bookmark any product on any website and it will tell you if the price drops.


No More Socks: the Christmas List Genius

No More Socks: the Christmas List Genius itunes.apple.com

This is the only gift list app to score five out of five on Macworld. Enter in the event you are planning for, the people you are planning to buy for and the money you have to spend on them. You can look at past events to see what you did last time, and you can see future events you have planned.



Wish wish.com

This is a website service that says it makes shopping fun (is shopping ever not fun?). All you have to do with this app is add in the items that you want to buy, and it will check local and website prices to try to get you the best deals. This includes finding you the best promotions and sales events. You can create numerous lists for different people and different types of gifts.



Slice slice.com

This website says you need never enter a tracking number again. It is a nice thought if you think about how annoying tracking your parcels is. Slice lets you organize your purchases depending on where you bought them and by what you bought. If there are any tracking details then it finds them for you. Slice even helps return savings to you if you purchase something shortly before its price drops, which is why it is so popular as one of the best apps to help you with Christmas shopping. There is also a function that tells you if there is a return or recall on your product(s).

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Will these apps help?

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Just curious as to why I haven't seen any articles about Hanukkah? I know Christmas is celebrated by the majority, but as a Jewish woman I would have loved to see gift ideas and recipes for other holidays as well.

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