7 Photo Apps You Should Download Right Away ...

As a blogger, I learned quickly that good photos are one of the most prized parts of having a blog, and luckily certain photo apps have helped me take and create better photos for my blog. Photo apps aren’t just for bloggers, however. You can create some of the cutest and most unique photos and collages out of any photo you wish, even the most boring ones! Perhaps you want to add text, adjust the lighting, add a cute background, or change the frame and shape of your picture. Maybe you want to even add a few cute stickers to your photos. These 7 photo apps can help you do all of that and more. Check them out and take your photos from ordinary to awesome in no time.

1. Pic Collage

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One of my latest, most favorite photo apps is Pic Collage. Simply download the free app and upload a picture from a web page, your Facebook photo album, Twitter account, or the photos on your phone’s library. From there you can rotate the photo, double the photo, add custom borders, stickers, rearrange the photos, create different frames, create multiple collages and even directly share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all in one click.

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