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With all of the different apps to help you write better, it's hard to choose which ones are actually going to impact your writing and which ones are going to just fill up space on your phone. I'm a writer at heart, so I had to find out which apps to help you write better are out there. If you are a writer at heart and are constantly looking for ways that you can improve your writing, take a look below at my top 7 amazing apps to help you write better.

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Lists for Writers

Lists for Writers itunes.apple.com

By far, one of the hardest things in the world to overcome is writer's block. If you are looking for a way to really come up with lists of words, plot lines, names and even character traits, this is absolutely one of the best apps to help you write better. It's an app that contains all sorts of lists of plot lines, ideas, obsessions, occupations and even action verbs. How cool is that? It does cost about $2.99, so keep that in mind when you're looking for this app.



Phraseology itunes.apple.com

Now, this is an app that not only allows you to change up your words, but it'll truly allow you to write better. It supports your writing, but gives you the tools to really change how you phrase things, so that they sound better. It's super easy to use and it'll overall, make you a better writer. One note, it's about $3.99 when you buy it, so keep that in mind.


Grammar App HD

Grammar App HD itunes.apple.com

Who doesn't need some help with their grammar sometimes? I know that I do! Sometimes I get confused which there, their or they're to use, but with this app – it helps me make sure that I am on track. It's a great little app to have, especially if you are really thinking about getting serious about writing.



Evernote itunes.apple.com

If you have a really hard time remembering what plot line you were thinking about or what character name you wanted to use, Evernote makes sure that you remember (it's free too!) It lets you take a bunch of notes, catch some photos and even create awesome to-do lists All for free.


IA Writer

IA Writer itunes.apple.com

If you are a no-nonsense type of person and are just looking to write, this is the app for you. There are no colors, no formatting, no fonts, just writing. It's an app for someone that really just wants to appreciate the words, instead of someone who is worried about what font to use.


Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus itunes.apple.com

This is another must-have app if you are going to be a writer. Not only does it really give you every definition of every word, but it really delves deep into other meanings of words. It's a fantastic inspirational app that I use all of the time.



Chronicle itunes.apple.com

Finally, the last app that will absolutely help you write better is all about keeping your ideas, stories and even your life events all in one place. It's a journal that offers much more than just your personal things. It's also an app that protects itself when you write and you can even read it on your other devices.

Now that you girls and guys know exactly what apps will help you write better, what apps are your favorites? Do you have any? Share them with me!

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Great, was looking for an article like this with tips on apps to get. Thanks!

My personal favorite writing app is OmPad for iOS. It's a beautiful distraction-free app that allows you to write whenever you have a breakthrough! No start screen, and it saves your work automatically,

I write all the time. The first app looks like it would help, but I can only buy free apps. Are there any other apps like it that are free?

Oh, and OmPad is free!!!!!!!

I use evernote all the time. Great app!

Good stuff, to bad you have to pay for most of them :)

Awesome! I'm a writer and I tell you it's hard work remembering an idea I had while I was out. Thanks this is very helpful

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