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7 Awesome Apps for Women's Health That You Must Have ...

By Heather

Finding all of the best apps for women's health is super important, especially in this day and age and no matter how old you are. When I started to look into apps for women's health, I had no idea what I'd actually be looking for, but there are tons of apps out there that are for every woman, no matter how old or young they are! If you're looking for apps that will help your health, give a look to my list of apps for women's health and see if you would use any of them!

1 The Pill


Do you have a really hard time keeping track of when you took your birth control pill? Well, they have the app for that! This is one of the apps for women's health that you have to download. It will actually remind you every single day to take your pill and you can set the time. It also works in plane mode and it's super easy to use.

2 Yoga STRETCh


If you are a die-hard yoga person, this is absolutely the app for you! It's an app that will help you create and customize all sorts of yoga sessions and even play your own preloaded music. This is a fantastic app that every woman should get – especially if you love yoga.


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3 MyFitness Pal


If you've been dying to keep track of your fitness but haven't found a good app to do it with, this is the one for you! This is actually a diet tracker and a calorie counter, so that you know exactly what you are eating and how many calories it is. It's an app I use all of the time.

4 WebMD Symptom Checker

WebMD Symptom

Are you one of those moms that constantly checks up symptoms on WebMD? Did you know that there is actually an app for WebMD now? This app engages you, allows you to read up on so many things and is even a symptom checker! It is an app that is ideal for anyone that is looking for more out of their apps.

5 Women's Health Workouts

Women's Health

While MyFitnessPal is an absolutely fantastic, this is another app that I absolutely love. It's an app that actually gives you all of the tools you need to burn fat and to really bulk up fast. It's packed with workouts and even has 130 exercises. How cool is that?

6 IBody

Have you ever wondered exactly how healthy your body is doing? Have you ever wondering why you can't lose weight? This is an app for you! This app is going to help you whether you are a fitness newbie or someone that is super skilled.

7 Period Tracker


Finally, your last women's health apps that I have on my phone is all about your period. I use this app all of the time and I've got to say, it's super accurate. Not only does it give me the exact date of when I'll start my period, but it helps me track my symptoms.

So girls, now that you've got the low-down on what women's health apps are out there, what are some of your favorites? Do you have any more that you like to use?

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