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7 Apps That'll Make You Smarter ...

By Vanessa

Incredibly, there are tons of apps that will make you smarter! Isn't that the beauty of technology nowadays? You can stimulate your mind while using a fun app! These apps will strengthen your neural networks, improve cognitive health, and prevent memory loss. Plus, they’ll give you some pretty crazy trivia knowledge to drop at your next party. Check out some of the apps that will make you smarter!

1 Lumosity

LumosityOn iTunes at:

Consider this free app your personal trainer! No, really, this app will train your memory and attention. It was designed by neuroscientists to train your mind in those specific areas. All you need to do is choose the area you want to focus on, like memory or problem solving. Lumosity then uses that info to determine what types of "training sessions" it should assign you. While you use it, the app tracks changes in your speed, memory, attention, and problem-solving scores! It'll keep you motivated to keep on using the app! It's definitely one of the best apps that will make you smarter!

2 Duolingo

DuolingoOn iTunes at:

With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian, all for free! There are no ads and no hidden charges. You can even invite friends to use the app and compete with them in language challenges! The app gives you the opportunity to translate real-world phrases into the language you are learning. According to an independent study ( funded by the app makers, "34 hours on Duolingo is equivalent to one semester (11 weeks) of a college language course."

3 New York Times Crosswords

New York Times CrosswordsOn iTunes at:

There's no doubt that crossword puzzles help stimulate the mind, and even frustrate it at times! With the NYT Crosswords app, you can play the same puzzles that are published daily in the newspaper! With a subscription, you can play tomorrow's puzzle today. The app comes with a one week free trial of the official daily puzzles. After the first free week, you can purchase a subscription to continue playing!

4 Georeader

GeoreaderOn iTunes at:

Isn't crazy how we walk/drive past things everyday without ever really thinking about it? Georeader automatically reads out loud to you historical markers and other points of interest as you walk or drive by them! It has access to over 120,000 points of interest throughout US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK! Its hands free use makes this app perfect for road trips! You can drive across the states and hear all about its history along the way!

5 Owl

OwlOn iTunes at:

Every day, Owl provides you with interesting facts! The facts are handpicked from Reddit. You can schedule when you want to receive your facts and whether or not you want to be notified by it. You'll have tons of random cool info that you can show off the next time you're hanging with your friends.

6 7 Little Words

7 Little WordsOn iTunes at:

7 Little Words is fun, challenging, and easy to learn! Each puzzle consist of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups. It'll get VERY frustrating at times (trust me) but you won't want to give up. It'll bug you until you're able to figure out each puzzle! It'll definitely keep your mind working.

7 Learnist

LearnistOn iTunes at:

Learnist is an awesome way to learn from others, and share what you know. As you use the app, it helps you find new people and new information that matters to you. You can learn just about anything with this app! You can follow people, tags, and categories to experience interesting Learnist boards!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many cool apps that'll make you smarter. Which one do you enjoy using the most? Which one will you be downloading today?

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