7 Apps That Help You Sleep Better ...

I have always had a hard time sleeping, ever since I was a little kid, but lately my insomnia has kept me up until 7 or 8 in the morning so I decided to look for some apps that help you sleep . After several failed attempts with different medications that were supposed to help me fall asleep, I assumed none of these apps that help you sleep would be able to help me. Surprisingly enough, a few of them do actually make a difference! Some of these will work well for one person but not for another, so it’s very hit and miss. Try a couple out and see how it goes!

1. Sleep by Motion X

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I tried to keep this list limited to free apps, but there are two apps that help you sleep that are too amazing to leave off the list. This is the first one. This app amazes me! While it won’t help you fall asleep exactly, it keeps track of everything that happens while you sleep and helps you adjust your routine to get better quality snoozing time! The first thing you do when you get into bed is hold your finger up to your flash/camera. The app records the pulse from your finger tip and saves it for the day (it’s used in a graph later in the week). Next, you put your phone next to your pillow (or for more accurate readings, in a band on your arm). Relax and try to sleep. In the morning you can take a look at your readings. The app will tell you how long you laid in bed, how much of that time you were awake, how long you spent in REM sleep and the percentage of your sleep goal that you achieved. If you set an alarm, you can have it wake you up at an exact time OR tell the app the latest you can wake up and it will wake you at the optimal time within the half hour before the time that you set. This allows you to wake up feeling rested and content. Sleep by Motion X also allows you to take power naps throughout the day if you wish. If you need help staying active (like me), you can use the optional settings that sound a gentle alarm if you have been inactive for too long. I generally set mine to go off after I’ve been sitting for two hours anytime between noon and 8pm. There is also an amazingly accurate pedometer you can use in the menu section. If you’re going to spend money on ANY app, it should be this one. Just a side note, the first time I used this app I couldn't sleep because I was too interested in checking my results every ten minutes, so give it a few nights.

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