7 Awesome Apps for Book Lovers ...

There are so many fantastic apps for book lovers. This makes me extremely happy because I'm such a bookworm. My shelves are full of books that I have loved to read and books that I have yet to read! I keep telling myself that I won't buy anymore until I've read everything I have but that never works! So, if you're like me, these apps for book lovers will definitely come in handy for you. Let me know which apps you already have/are going to download! Happy reading!

1. Goodreads

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free
If you're a serious bookworm, you NEED to have the Goodreads app! It's the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! You can find interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations that are based on books you've already read! You can see what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of all the book you still want to read! The next time you're in a bookstore, use the app's barcode scanner to scan the book you're planning to buy. You can add it to your "to-read" shelf and read reviews before you buy it! Amazingly, this app is FREE and it's definitely one of the best apps for book lovers!

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