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If you toss and turn all night, and aren’t one of those that enters the Land of Nod as soon as their head hits the pillow, you might find solace in these apps to help you sleep. I don’t think any of them ever claim to be a total cure for insomnia, but if they offer a handy, accessible helping hand for you to get the re-energizing rest you need, way to go! Here’s a selection of apps to help you sleep:

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Sound a Sleep

Sound a Sleep For Android at: play.google.com

In movies you often hear time slowing down via the noises on the screen if someone is drugged and falling asleep. This idea is the basis of this app, as the makers feel that this same slowing down of sounds happens just as we fall to sleep. This app copies this phenomenon by slowing down the sounds it creates on varied occasions. The idea is to trick your mind into thinking it is falling asleep. There are lots of apps to help you sleep that just work on relaxing you, but this one tries in its own way to recreate the feelings and experiences of falling asleep with the hopes that your mind will follow suit.


Relax and Sleep plus

Relax and Sleep plus For Android at: play.google.com

There are many different ambient noises on this app and the app mixes them up in various orders and then plays the track as long as you like. It means you do not have to keep the noises going all night long if you do not want, and the aim of the ambient noises is to relax you and to drown out any noises that may otherwise keep you awake, such as the noise of traffic passing by.


Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro

Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro For Android at: market.android.com

The trick with this one is to bombard you with delta sleep induction sounds. This is not as fancy as it sounds. It just means giving off sounds that some people associate with sleep and so it helps them to fall into a deeper sleep quicker. It is easier if you remember there are opposites to delta sounds, such as fire alarms and dogs barking, that our brains associate with staying awake.


Sleep Now!

Sleep Now! For Android at: play.google.com

This is one of the simplest apps to help you sleep. It gives you twelve sounds that you may listen to in order to help you sleep. They are different places with different moods and the aim is to find the one that helps you sleep. There are different places that people find relaxing, so you simply find the sound of the location that makes you feel relaxed.


Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep For Android at: play.google.com

This works on the simple idea that music helps some people sleep. It has a batch of tracks that the app creators feel are very relaxing and help people sleep. They use alpha waves, which is just another way of saying they use nice relaxing sounds to try and get you off to sleep. You may mix up the sounds you hear with ambient noises that may help you sleep.


Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep For Android at: play.google.com

This app creates sounds that the makers believe will help you fall to sleep. The app is set to make you fall to sleep a little easier and fall into a deep sleep a little quicker so that you get a better night’s rest.


Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition For Android at: market.android.com

This is another sleep-inducing app that simply creates sounds that help you sleep. Like a few of the apps to help you sleep I’ve mentioned, it tries more than one technique to get you off to sleep. There are customizable functions, which is why they call it deluxe, and it is more than just a few tracks playing. You may turn on different settings to see if any help you sleep.

Have you ever thought about using apps to help you sleep? Or, if you’ve tried it, does it work?

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Great to know! I have a sound machine at home but this would be great for travel. Need to drown out the husband's snoring!

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