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When your mojo is in a blue funk, your inspiration in the gutter, and your pen firmly stuck to the writer’s block, why not turn to some creative apps to jump start the process? There’s no law about what form your muse takes, and if today’s wondrous technology gets those creative juices a flowing, I’m all for it. There’s an amazing amount of creative apps to give your thoughts, ideas and inspirations a gentle nudge or a jolly good shove!

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Entrainment On itunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is an app that is supposed to push your mind into a relaxed state. A forced state of relaxation is brought about based on the theory that people cannot see the wood for the trees, in that if they simply relax they will be able to see their problem more clearly and find the solution more easily. It is one of the many creative apps that works by relaxing you enough to help you think. It uses sounds to bring about a more relaxed state and within that state you may become more creative and find the solution to your problem.



Alphabetic On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is a puzzle game that helps to improve your focus, reflexes and thinking skills. You have to find a hidden object or shape in a mixture of letters and words. It is a puzzle game you may play if you are stuck on a problem and cannot think of a solution. Instead of sitting in your rut and being unable to come up with anything, you are supposed to play the game which helps your brain warm up and become more active - through which you are then able to come up with better ideas to solve your problem or come up with a new project.


Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is based on the idea that if you look beyond the simple earthbound world, you will find inspiration that would not normally occur to you. It is also handy for people who think that the universe and its stars are fun to look at. It is not what some may call one of the more typical creative apps, but it is no different to using sounds to evoke creativity. The gist of the app is based on those times you have stared up at the stars and felt vacantly unimportant and those feelings are what philosophers have used to come up with some of their theories; ergo they should work to help you too.


Creative Whack Pack

Creative Whack Pack On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is a brainstorming app that has eighty-four strategies which you are supposed to use to be more creative. There are so many because they each work for different people - one out of ten may work for you, whereas one out of twenty may work for other people. There are strategies that come with examples of how you may use the app be more creative and less confined by conventional thinking.


Ultimate Sleep Sampler

Ultimate Sleep Sampler On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This app makes you more creative by helping you get more sleep. You go through the list and try out the different sounds and ambient noises in order to find the ones that help you sleep a little better. There are presets for the tracks and sounds., or you can tinker with them yourself. The idea is that if you get more sleep then you are more creative, although this is very subjective because for some people the opposite is true.


Cracking Creativity

Cracking Creativity On itunes at: itunes.apple.com

This app is based on a book and is considered by most to be the weakest of creative apps I’ve chosen for this list. It is considered the weakest because where the other apps may be used in different ways to produce creativity, this app is just information that you either accept or do not. One could argue that you may mold the principles of the book to become more creative. It is up to you if you believe what is said in the book or not.


Idea Generator

Idea Generator On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is not a very highly rated app because people feel it is rather a blunt tool that provides no real answers, but the point of the app is to help you think in different ways. It doesn’t help you grow more creative, it helps you use your own creativity to come up with solutions to your problems. It throws together three words randomly and if you do it often enough you may come up with a combination that helps you solve your own problem with your own creativity. I personally think there is huge satisfaction in knowing you have been powerful in your own creative process.

Creative apps work by getting you to do what you’ve been struggling with. They don’t provide solutions. They provide the means to stimulate you to finding the resolution or to, as I said in the title, jumpstart your creativity. Do you think any of these would work for you?

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I don't like that these are just itunes apps...I'm team android, so that's why I'm concerned.

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