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7 Apps for Book Lovers ...

By Neecey

If you’re an avid reader you probably use every opportunity to do so, so isn’t it good to know there are some great apps for book lovers? Whether you need help with choosing your next pick or ways to catalog your library, there are apps for book lovers that you will find very useful.

1 Book Crawler

Book Crawler
This is one of the very best apps for book lovers. It is everything that you’ll ever want from an app: at the touch of a button you can scan your entire book collection using the in-built library database to rate and review your favorite (or worst!) books. You can then see how your rating compares to the rest of the community. There is a whole virtual world built around the Book Crawler app; join in and start discussing your love of literature. Cost: $1.99.

2 Merriem-Webster Dictionary

Merriem-Webster Dictionary
We all read books and come across words that we aren’t entirely sure the meaning of. Rather than embarrassingly repeat great words out of context in the future, you can use this comprehensive dictionary app to find a simple definition. Simply type in the word or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can even use the voice search function to find a quick definition. This is by far one of the most useful apps for book lovers. And it’s free!

3 GoodReads

The GoodReads website has been around for many years, so the mobile app was only inevitable. This app is perfect for die-hard book fanatics. Not only can you rate and review books, but the GoodReads app allows fanatical readers to list their current and past read titles to generate a list of suggested books to tackle next. You can set target goals, and a percentage tracker will show you how far you are into reaching the goal before the end of the year. The GoodReads website is one of the largest book fan websites available, and so taking advantage of the recommendations of its users is a great way to make informed choices about which books to buy or rent next. GoodReads is definitely one of the great free apps for book lovers.

4 Instant Poetry

Instant Poetry
Want to be a poet but don’t know it? Ok, so that’s cheesy, but if you have an inner poet just waiting to burst out of you, find some help with this app. We’ve all seen those magnetic strips on friends' fridges that allow you to connect words together to make poetic phrases. This is the 21st century equivalent; by using words generated by the app you can reorganize them to make beautiful poetic sayings. If Shakespeare was around today, no doubt he’d have downloaded Instant Poetry by now. Costs: $1.99.

5 Book Club Mobile

Book Club Mobile
Have you ever been at a book club and found yourself without thought-provoking questions to ask your fellow readers? If you’re looking for one of the best book apps on the market, you might find that this is right up your street. The app is packed full of questions which will stimulate discussion at your next book meeting, featuring titles from both classics and contemporary bestsellers. If you can sneak your phone out without others noticing, you might even get some credit for your deep and thoughtful stance on the topic – all for free.

6 Book Wall

Book Wall
If you’ve a real reading fiend, you’ll always want to know which book you’re going to read next. This app allows you to do just that, by providing you with titles and covers that you might find appealing in the future. You can search through certain categories, including modern bestselling titles, and find the perfect book to indulge in next. This is a book lover’s paradise – never again will you be lost as to what to select from the local library/bookstore in the future; you’ll have a whole range of recommendations in your pocket. Another of the great free apps book lovers need.

7 IReadItNow

Keeping track of the number of books you have read can be a real pain for people who read constantly. However, this handy little book app enables you to categorize all the books that you’ve devoured, while keeping track of the dates that you began and finished the book. You can set yourself a goal and see whether or not you are on-track to hitting the target by the end of the year. Cost – free.

There are some really great apps for book lovers – just don’t spend time reading all about them! Get downloading and make your reading experiences even more rewarding. Would you find any of these apps useful?

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