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Apps are becoming an essential fitness accessory but like the gear you work out in and the exercises you do, it pays back more when you choose the right ones for the right needs.

Fitness apps range from trackers to pseudo-personal trainers to food diaries so there should be a few for every need you have in becoming fit and fabulous.2

Here’s a selection:


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One of the best apps to get you fit and stay fit is definitely

The app focuses on getting to complete a daily routine of exercise, giving you the encouraging benefits of a personal trainer without having to shell out the big bucks for one in real life!

It gives daily reminders, celebrate milestones with you, and is generally just a wonderful companion to have for your fitness journey.

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2. Pact

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Pact is a really interesting app that lets you wager real money on how well you are going to do with regards to meeting your personal fitness goals.3

You can earn cash for meeting your goals, but you definitely won’t be able to cheat because you have to verify your results with a gym first.2

What better incentive is there than cash!?

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3. MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal is a brilliant companion app to have if you want to get really into counting the calories that you put in to your body on a daily basis.2

You input all of the food and drink that you consume and the app lets you know how close to or how over your daily diet target you are, complete with a nutritional breakdown.

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4. MapMyRun

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MapMyRun is an absolute dream for people who love to break down the minute details of their workouts.

Using GPS technology, the app will track and map out your daily runs, including things like time splits, elevation stats and a route genius that will suggest trails for you depending on how far you would like to run.

It’s the perfect companion for every level of runner, from training for a marathon to simply jogging around the local park.2

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