7 Apps to Help You Travel on a Budget ...

Who wouldn’t like to find a few apps to help you travel on a budget? I take my iPhone everywhere with me because it is seriously the most useful device ever! My husband and I love, love, LOVE to travel, but we spent a fortune on our wedding last year so we’re beyond short on cash right now. It’s true that we could give up our adventures for a while, but why do that when you can find cheap and easy ways to travel instead? Use these apps to help you travel on a budget so that you can explore this wonderful world we live in!

1. Airbnb

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I’m going to start out with my absolute favorite of all of the apps to help you travel on a budget, Airbnb. You can find an extremely reasonably priced room, cabin, cottage, apartment or an entire house (or in some cases a yacht or a whole island!!) essentially anywhere you would want to go! When I downloaded this app I searched for rates around my favorite places. Ever since I was little, my entire family has loved renting a house every few years on Brantingham Lake in the Adirondacks, so that was my first search. Not only did I find a house comparable to the one we stayed in two years ago for about $600 less per week, I found an entire ISLAND complete with two cabins and a pontoon boat that you can rent for $250 per night! If you’ve read my other articles, chances are you already know of my love for Portland, OR, so that was my next search. I found a yacht you can rent for $50 per night! You can’t even get a hotel room here in upstate New York for $50 per night, so I am pretty amazed by that! Essentially, this app allows people with spare living areas and sleeping quarters to advertise to travelers who can book their rooms. Many of them will give you a huge discount if you want to stay for a month or more, but generally the minimum stay is 2 or 3 nights. There are locations all over the world, check out a few of the cottages in Ireland; you’ll fall in love instantly! You can filter your results to only show one room for rent or an entire home to yourself. You can also select the highest you are willing to pay and how many travelers will be in your party. The best part (other than the low price), is that many of the property owners are more than willing to be your tour guide around the city or serve you breakfast or dinner if you choose!

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